Former Commissioner slams Police hierarchy for silence on ‘wayward’ shootings

Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix


By Kurt Campbell

Former Police Commissioner, and APNU Parliamentarian, Winston Felix
Former Police Commissioner, and APNU Parliamentarian, Winston Felix

[] – Former Commissioner of Police Winston Felix has castigated the Guyana Police Force for what he says is an upsurge in wayward shootings.

Felix, speaking to the media on Monday, May 12 said the hierarchy of the force, particularly recently appointed (ag) Top Cop Seelall Persaud, has lost a golden opportunity by failing to speak out on these issues, while pointing to 15 – year – old Alex Griffith who was shot in his mouth by a police officer almost two weeks ago.

The Shadow Home Affairs Minister also took a swipe at the government for failing to condemn the act, while pointing to several other shootings by police which he believes were unwarranted such as the Shaquille Grant and Damien Belgrave cases.  

He focused his criticism on the recent Alex Griffith case which he said should have never occurred and no explanation can be given for the Officer’s actions, which included taking the youth from his home and interrogating him for a robbery he allegedly saw without his guardian and subsequently playing Russian roulette during which the teen was shot in his mouth.

Felix said the Officer’s action is offensive to local legislation and shows grave irresponsibility on his part.

15 - year - old Alex Griffith was shot in the mouth by a police.
15 – year – old Alex Griffith was shot in the mouth by a police.

He said what is more heartrending is the fact that the Force is yet to speak out on the issue and level appropriate disciplinary and criminal action against the Officer.

He said taken into consideration the Top Cop move to work with the public and regain the trust of the citizenry, action against the cop should have already been taken.

“They missed a golden opportunity to show their willingness to work with the public and speak out on these unnecessary shootings.”

He said he hopes the silence is not in an effort to sweep the matter, which is now a public issue, under the carpet.

“The police must learn to admit publicly when they are wrong, they are in the midst of a reform process, and these are steps that must be taken.”

He said he is giving the recently appointed Top Cop a fair opportunity to prove his worth but reiterated that he should have already spoken out on the issue.



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