Sooba fearful amid plans to drench her with acid and fire bomb her residence

Carol Sooba.


Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba
Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba

[] – Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba has expressed fear for her life amid alleged plans to douse her with corrosive substances and fire bomb her residence.

According to Sooba, she received information from a reliable source who was part of a meeting in South Georgetown, organized by two officials from the Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown, who has been against her appointment as Town Clerk (ag).

She claimed that these officials were meeting with known elements connected to the criminal underworld.

“Part of their plan is to physically harm me by dousing me with corrosive substances and to fire bomb my residence,” a statement by the Town Clerk explained.

When contacted by iNews (, Sooba refused to explain in depth the allegations she has made public but did confirm that the statement was disseminated by her and the contents were based on reliable information she received.

“I have no reason to question the creditability of the information provided to me since neighbours and other individuals have reported to me that strange persons were seen in and around the vicinity of my home on several recent occasions,” she said.

The Town Clerk further added that two recent incidents have caused her to believe that her vehicle was being trailed.

“Though I express concern, I will be relentless in my effort as Town Clerk (ag) to stop anyone who tries to have me removed by illegitimate and sinister means.”

Sooba said the threats have forced her to implement additional security measures and posited that the attacks on her emanated from her efforts to root out deep-seated corruption in the City Council.

“I remain humble and encouraged by the great support given to me by citizens in and out of Georgetown, Officers and staff of the Council, in the face of concerted efforts by the Mayor and his cabal to stymie my efforts with their anti-Sooba campaign.”

Sooba has been in the middle on a struggle with City Mayor Hamilton Green.



  1. the chief justice have ruled.but rather than honouring that ruling and go the government and their machinery decides that the people of the city must once again endure their contemp and geed for power. now before they hold local government elections rohee who miss the entire ruling on the matter of the town clerk announces that her appointment was lawful. Well said Justice rohee.

  2. I don’t condone threats of any kind. But this is second and info., she has no proof of the threat, in writing etc; so we have to take it “with a grain of salt”. Who to trust? No One!


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