Fingers point to Guyanese fishermen after pirate attack leaves four missing

Dead: Ryan Goppie.


By Leroy Smith

TAB 4[] – After a fishing vessel which was the subject of a pirate attack in Suriname on July 9, turned up at the De Hoop Foreshore at Mahaica on Monday [July 14], investigators are not ruling out the possibility that the culprits who carried out the act might be Guyanese and more specifically fishermen from Mahaica or Mahaicony.

The vessel was seen drifting along the De Hoop Foreshore area minus its crew members. iNews was reliably informed that while the Captain of the vessel was is in Suriname assisting police with investigations, the other four crew members are feared dead after they were severely beaten, chopped, tied up and thrown into the river.TAB 2

The captain reportedly told Suriname lawmen that he managed to jump out of the vessel and swam to shore. He however said that before trying to escape, he tried desperately to untie his crew members who were floating in the water but that was not possible.TAB 1

He also recalled that the younger of the lot, a 24 – year – old who could not swim was nowhere in sight and might have went down immediately after he was throw into the water also with his hands tied.

Crime Chief Leslie James last evening told iNews that the Guyana Police and its counterparts in Suriname are working closely on the matter.TAB 3




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