Man kills self after relatives reject intimacy with his teen cousin



suicide-pic-2[] – Another love affair between two cousins has ended in tragedy. According to reports, 23– year – old Rawle Cornelius of Charity, Essequibo Coast ended his life by suicide after a love affair with his 17 –year – old cousin was rejected by her parents.

The man, who was said to be madly in love, reportedly ingested a quantity of deadly poison at his lover’s home one week ago.

Cornelius was rushed and admitted to the Charity Hospital where he battled for his life for some six days. He succumbed on Saturday, July 12.

The death of the young man has plunged the community of Charity, including his 17 – year – old cousin into shock and grief.

Only recently two cousins of Bush Lot Village, ingested a quantity of poison after their parents rejected their love affair.Both persons who were teenagers were admitted to the Suddie Hospital and fought for their lives for several days. However the 13 – year – old female succumbed.



  1. This is heart breaking, matured adult (family) discussion is required along with the two confused lovers, this is only a phase and the pros and cons must be amicably and seriously discussed, the family should not attack and place blame but should guide and be open to whatever the confused young people might express as what they of course would believe is love.Great patience and understanding of how young minds behave should be considered, don’t shun and isolate these individuals that’s the worse you can do

  2. borapoke too must be in mourning since he said its a culture thing wen indians do it .he borapoke will soon find out that before he was born and he is like over 80 years old that cousins were making dozens . its only because under ppp the free press pressing the issues real good


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