Fight at Psychiatric Hospital turns deadly

Inside the mental facility.
The compound which houses the National Psychiatric Hospital in Berbice.
The compound which houses the National Psychiatric Hospital in Berbice.

[] – The limited human power at the National Psychiatric Hospital in New Amsterdam, Berbice Region 6 was put in the spotlight on Tuesday afternoon (August 25) and was an eye opener for health authorities to implore more human power to the institution.

The limited human power resulted in an inmate being killed by another inmate. iNews was reliably informed that the deceased is 30 – year – old Eda [only name given] of Blairmont, West Bank Berbice.

She along with two other patients, including the suspect, 50 – year – old Budwattie Ferri of Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice and Simone Broodlay, 32, were in an isolated room in Ward A&B when the tragic incident occurred.

iNews understands that Ferri and the victim were involved in a heated argument in the cell, when she bit the suspect and in seeking vengeance, the suspect chocked Eda who was described as very aggressive patient.

iNews was informed that Eda collapsed after being chocked but the abuse didn’t stop there, as her killer started to stomp on her neck until she became unconscious.

An alarm was raised and the lone nurse, reported to be on duty at the time, summoned the assistance from the New Amsterdam public hospital which is located about two hundred feet away. Eda was pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, staff from the hospital stated that Eda had expressed aggressive behavior and that she recently stripped her clothing and jumped into a trench located in the compound.

iNews was told that due to the woman’s behaviour she had to be placed in the isolated room. Additionally, there has been limited staff at the hospital for quiet sometime.

Eda was a residential patient at the hospital since 2010. Police investigations are continuing.



  1. No jai the PNC too busy cleaning up the PPP mess they left behind , starting from the rice deal , lawsuits , empty petro Carib funds , secrets deals and the vast amount of public servants the thieving PPP cooks drove out of Guyana , not to mention the fake Health administration board that was created in Berbice under the corrupt PPP Government, it takes roughly 2 years to complete the nursing program , how can you moron blame under staffing on this new government that’s only been in office for 3 months? stupid basted.

  2. Another failure of the PNC! The minister of health must be held accountable for the patient death. Too many old and short sited crooks are leading Guyana. ONE NURSE! ??????? The PNC are too busy in their witch hunt!


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