Guyanese have been “bluffed, duped & deceived” by Budget – PPP


 By Jomo Paul

PPP[] – Although the 2015 Budget was passed by the National Assembly to the tune of $187.7B from an initial figure of $221B, the People’s Progressive Party is not quite finished with its criticisms of the new government and its inaugural budget.

At a Thursday afternoon press conference (August 27), Bishop Juan Edghill pointed out that the budget reeked of “upper middle class pseudo Christian elitism”, noting that nothing therein would benefit the ordinary man on the street in any substantial manner.

He said that while the PPP in the past would have allocated an annual amount of $450M to the University of Guyana; the Budget presented to the new government was devoid of any monies to fund students’ loans.

“We have been bluffed, duped and deceived,” said the former Junior Finance Minister.

“We would like to put on public record that we believe that our approach to budget 2015 was in keeping with the spirit intent and mandate of the people of Guyana…our approach was one to be helpful; hold the government to account and even when there was a discovery of gross discrepancies…we chose not to be obstructive…to ensure that the people of Guyana get a budget,” he told reporters.

Meanwhile, Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall said that the budget was riddled with blunder and the government of the day failed to lay down a procedure as it relates to spending public funds.

Nandlall pointed out that during the deliberations some of the members of the government side of the House “plain forthright refused to answer questions….a government had a mandatory obligation and duty to make those disclosure.”

Additionally, former People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) member Africo Selman described the new government as a group of “CIA” men and women.

“A group for CIA men and women…Corrupt incompetent and very arrogant.”



  1. The PPP should step aside as they had enough years and nothing was done look at all the flooding, they should have done something years ago about this but just sat there and the ministers were stealing the money and fulling their pockets. Now they are trying to blame the new government. Give the new government a chance to do what they have to do

    NOR APNU…HOWEVER I AM SICK OF THE PEE PEE PEE in office for 23 years and some Guyanese and their own living well with jobs. As for Burnham, I left Guyana because of that DOG..i call it as I see it period!!

  3. Bha-RAT Jagdeo seems to be under a lot of stress; perhaps he should use some of his pension money, and take a trip to Trinidad, Colorado, to “remove” his stress

  4. Abby the Ppp were in power for 23 yrs how come they have nothing to expose like now,,,read the news,,,jenny,ashnee,brassA ton,and dont forget the links to drugs and friends,,never in the history of the pnc,,,,

  5. Correction,,,squander the wealth PPP have in personal accounts,,,they squandered into florida and??jenny is an example 600m

  6. Gary!
    you fail to mention how the PNC Regime LOOTED the Guyana Treasury for 30 years.
    Ask Minister Hope where he got the money from to buy a Mansion in Connecticut USA.
    What ever happened to the Billions that Burnham and his cronies STOLE from Guyana?

  7. The only wealth the PooPyParty built, is in the pockets of Jagdegone , the Cabal and its lackeys.You must be one!

  8. PooPyParty, pretending to be People Pwer.The same people power dismissed your ilk to “all you gone , for good”

  9. Who wrote this for you.Probably the Stalinist letter writers in the PooPyParty? Come on Feroze, you can do better, or are you the leader of the brain dead, Propagandist.

  10. GUANOGILL.I am a proud Christian and you always pretended you were too.You have just shown your true colours, a anti relegion, bigot that thinks all Christians and those of the Jewish faith “reek” of elitism. .Guanogill, how are you in your huge but brain dead, imagination any kind of finance minister.That is a joke , you are trying to foist on sensible, Guyanese people.As for you Selloutman, are you FBI.
    Rant and rave all of you, your days are over and some may spend their retirement in uncomfortable quarters,.Not true, Jagebegone?!

  11. WOW! There are no words in the universe to describe the PPP’s action in Parliament! But I”ll say this, it is unfortunate that Bhar-RAT Jagdeo and company are allowed to continue “business as usual”, without being held accountable for 23 years of crimes against Humanity. UN-FRIGGING-BELIEVABLE!

  12. Dear iNews Poll, as a read of your articles it is a good thing that the news agency is doing by having people voting and commenting on various tops of interest, but wouldn’t it be every better to allow one person( or PC) per vote to ascertain the true intent or feelings of the Guyanese people?

    To have a person or PC voting more than once would not accurately determine the true desires of the average society. Let one person/PC to a vote and your figure would reflect a more profound picture on which to base your analysis.

    Thank you

  13. u people make me sick when the former administration was blatantly bullying n cussing down not to mention professional theiving yall mouth was shut i honestly think some of u that leave these comments have close ties to the ppp,my advice to yall is get ova it.

  14. These jokers have to do a better job. Provide examples of wrong-doings instead of name calling. We all know that most members of the illegal APNU government are a bunch of self-centred, illiterate pretenders. There are a few exceptions, such as Trotman. It’s painful to hear them speak. They are such a disgrace to the office they hold. However, the PPP members are doing a poor job. They seem unable to think outside the box. Welcome to the circus!!!

  15. Why are you so one sided. Where jagdeo got money from to buy that mansion in Florida?? you need to stop pointing finger at the new administration, make sure you point the next finger at the thieves, murders and crooks. Let’s not forget they rule and commit crimes for 23 years!!

  16. This was atrocious, they did not fund any Money for Flip Motilall to build another road, No Money for the the ex P.P.P. minister to fix her teeth, No money to build another useless skeldon sugar factory, no money for a monthly $1 million cell phone bill for Gail Texteria, No money money for Bobby Ramroop to continue fleecing the country from the sale of pharmaceutical products. What a shame, they must rewrite the budget so that the jokers, fools, and idiots can be satisfied.


  18. Shame has already come to Guyana under the previous administration. Do your research and take your head out of the sand.

  19. In the meantime they reduced school uniform voucher, there is blackout and water shortage already, people are being fired because of their race, old age pensioners lost their electricity and water subsidies, no money for student loans to UG, and Naga has a 24M car, hundreds of millions are being spent to upgrade his residence and he has a brand new road to his private home. Millions of taxpayer money were spent on their inauguration bash which they had denied all along.
    We have a lying, corrupt, teefin govt in power, installed by the ABC countries. We have a teefin puppet govt.

  20. Installed governments in any country will do as they pleased. Installed governments are installed by dictators. Yes you heard it right. Once the international dictators installed their puppets their puppets become dictators too so they really don’t care for what they do to their citizens. The international dictators US UK Canada have democracy in their respective countries but are in fact dictators to countries like Guyana. How you like tax payers paying for the 300 dollars Berbice bridge the dictators reduced? Citizens are scammed and not even know it. Did pensioners really got an increase? Whatever increase the dictators give pensioners will be taken back from the electricity and water subsidy they enjoyed under the previous government. The saddest part of this brutal dictatorship is the 10,000 dollar per school child program. The people fell for the dictator rhetoric by telling them it was an election gimmick by the previous government to get their votes. Had the previous government deceived the people like this ruling dictators done you bet Guyana especially Georgetown would be ablaze. It did not hit the people as yet but they will soon realize what they allowed to happen. Citizens of Guyana allowed the international dictators to installed their own puppet dictators to do this to them.

  21. PNC will definitely fail the minority that voted for them. The AFC will continue in their arrogance and bring shame to Guyana. They have started to squander the wealth that the PPP has built.

  22. Where are those so called media houses that used to bash the previous government about they are silent about the wrongs that is being committed on a daily basis by this illegal government


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