Female Security Officer fired for stealing passenger’s money at CJIA


CJIA[www.inewsguyana.com] – An Aviation Security agent attached to a private company, which was contracted by an airline, was fired for stealing US currency from an outgoing passenger at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

According to a press statement from the CJIA, the female officer was processing the passenger at Gate 1 around 17:21 hrs on October 16, 2015 when she swiped the cash out of the passenger’s wallet and placed it in one of her gloves.

When the victim realized the money was missing, she immediately alerted staff in the vicinity.

“The cash was found and returned to the passenger,” the statement noted.

iNews understands that the incident was reported to CJIA’s management by a relative of the passenger on October 18, 2015 and an internal investigation was immediately launched. The airport’s security footage corroborates the sequence of events.

Meanwhile, the head of CJIA’s Security Department was in contact with the passenger’s relative and on October 19, 2015 the said relative was informed of the investigation’s finding and action taken against the security officer.

The matter is now in the hands of the police.




  1. Kevin and John it’s not the fault of no political party that’s causing people to steel it’s the laziness and greed of there own mind. I would like you to know that people were loosing things before May 2015 elections and people were been followed before because a cousin of mine suffered that two years ago. To be more specific August 2013, she loose her suitcases all she had left was what she had on. Maybe the news media said are more proactive and is not been told what to print.

    I want you guys to know some of you think that the foreigners don’t have to work but a lot of you think they have money tree and the money will fall so when they visit Guyana alyu behaving like you send them and they owe you.

    It’s time we stop thinking it’s about the different parties and see that it’s all about lazy minded people. Please wake up people.
    I do hope that security guard suffers the consequence for her actions and hopefully it it send a message to the other security thieves.

  2. Our country going backwards again that’s how they want it ..Guyana will never get eanyone better I give up that hope already so dream on yall, dream on

  3. Thank you who…I guess you don’t read up much and really see the news …ever since apnu/afc in office got back in office crime rates have rase, bandits follow you till from the airport when in ppp time that happened neve no peace Guyana going backwards and what so call apnu/afc get praise. …please save the thank you for god when you open your eyes in the morning

  4. THERE ARE A FEW THINGS TO BE AWARE OF HERE: 1. I’m sure it is not the first time she has done this, or it was done by others; 2. You need to be very attentive when they open your bags, especially for the “so-called” random search, before they place their hands in your bag or suitcase, and after, ask them to show you their hands, so that they also do not place anything in your bag as well as remove, it is your right; 3. Stop putting your complete name and address on your luggage, put the complete info on a card and place it on the inside, while on the outside tag, the initial of your first name along with your last name, city and state, no address.The reason, drugs can be planted in your luggage, before it actually is placed on the plane (this has happened before) and after you arrive at your destination, you may receive a visit from an unknown, and only they know what they are after…….Bottom line, crooks are everywhere, and money makes some people willing to do anything, some work in the same wear uniforms and badges too.


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