Father of four found hanging in Lusignan home


body insi[www.inewsguyana.com]Forty – One – year old Harrylall Mohan was found dead, hanging from a hammock rope early Sunday morning (November 10) by his family.

iNews understands that the father of four teenage children lived with two of his sons at his lot 15 Lusignan Gulf Road, East Coast Demerara home. Relatives told iNews that the man had plans to go work in the interior and is known for consuming a lot of alcohol.

The family told this news agency that the now dead man consumed alcohol last night but they are shocked that he would take his own life.

Relatives said they are not aware of any problems he might have had. Over the past few months, a number of persons have been committing suicide in Guyana.

The most recent incident took place on Saturday in Industry, East Coast Demerara, when a man burned down his house and then killed himself by ingesting poison.



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