Three Guyanese girls rescued from Surinamese brothel


[]The police have rescued three teenage Guyanese girls who were kept as sex slaves in a brothel in a gold mining township in the Surinamese interior.

The police report that during a raid of the brothel, three individuals including a Guyanese woman, allegedly the owner of the brothel, her husband and a bodyguard were arrested.

The girls reportedly told detectives that they were brought to Suriname under the pretense that they would be working in a shop.  But instead they were forced into prostitution in a brothel in Cabanafo in the Lawa region, a gold field close to the border with French Guiana.

“The girls were forced into prostitution. If they refused they were beaten and all the money they received from customers were seized by the brothel owner”, said police spokesman Humphrey Naarden . The victims allegedly crossed the Suriname-Guyana border illegally.

Meanwhile, the authorities are still looking for two other Guyanese girls who at the time of the raid place were not present.



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