Essequibo businesswoman finds male perpetrator hiding under her bed


hiding under bed[] – An Essequibo businesswoman got the scare of her life when she found a man hiding under her bed in her Charity Extension Housing Scheme, Essequibo house.

The woman, Cheryl Benjamin said that she returned home on Sunday night (March 23) along with her daughter and daughter – in – law after a hard day’s work.

Benjamin explained that she decided to take a smoke before retiring to bed, and while reaching for her ash tray, which was under the bed, she could not find it.

The woman said she then peeped under the bed too look for the object, when she saw a pair of eyes staring back at her. 

The businesswoman said she quickly recognized that it was a man with his face partly covered with a piece of cloth under her bed and started to scream for her relatives.

Benjamin said she rushed out of the house and called the police. However, they responded some 30 minutes later. 

According to the businesswoman, the alleged perpetrator broke the window panes from louvers window and escaped with her purse which contained her National ID card, passport and transport for her land.

The Police are investigating the incident, while the man is still on the run.



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