Elderly City Hall employee killed by alleged drunken Businessman


accident-sign[www.imewsguyana.com] – A City Hall employee was last night killed, reportedly by a drunken driver on Lamaha Street, Georgetown around mid-night (Wednesday September 10).

Dead is 55 – year – old Leon Hunte. He was taken from the scene and rushed to a city hospital where he was pronounced dead.

iNews was reliably informed that the driver of the vehicle was Sanjay Persaud of Sanjay’s Jewellery World.

Persaud who is hospitalized has contacted iNews rejecting claims that he was intoxicated. 

He said he was at a wake and was heading home when the man drove up a one way into his vehicle.

The injured Persaud provided no other detail.



  1. Here we have a 55 year old young man being classified as “Elderly”… Comeon….. elderly is like from 65…or maybe even 75.

    So sad….so many drivers continue to speed where it is not safe to do. Condolences to the relatives and friends of Mr Leon Hunte. RiP.


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