Luncheon puts off retirement; says he wants to be around for No – Confidence vote  

Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon
HPS, Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon
HPS, Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon

[] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon has put his plan to proceed on retirement before the end of 2014 on hold, he told reporters on Wednesday.

Speaking after his post-Cabinet press briefing, he indicated that the move by the political Opposition to table and pass a no – confidence motion in the government has forced him to delay his retirement plans.

“My plan has certainly been altered by this no confidence motion and its likely outcome,” he stated.

Dr. Luncheon had planned to give up his role in government due to ill health. A few months ago, he had announced that he was suffering from cancer and had opted to not have any treatment administered.

“I may or I may not live up, both literally and figuratively, to this outcome of the no confidence motion, but if they have elections I would like to have the last opportunity to lay my wares out to the Guyanese public,” Dr. Luncheon said.

He added that if there are no early elections, then he will stick to his retirement plan.



  1. I do hope this message reaches you Doc. You where my doctor in my teen years And I have always look up to you as a father figure with love and respect. you have done well for our country my strength and long life be yours, but i would be glad if you would have run for President on a new party. you have the skills and intelligence you along with Mr Robert Corbin and Mr Clement Rohee would have made a great team to carry us forward.

  2. I have a personal gratitude for Dr. Roger Luncheon – when he was a practicing doctor some 30 years ago. I once asked him why he has not continued his medical profession instead of this politics thing. (His answer is private, so please do not ask me what he said).

    BTW, isn’t there some similarity between Dr Roger Luncheon and Dr Fidel Castro? both men gave up their medicine practice to go into politics. Both men have a full and lasting beard. One better groomed than the other. (You decide which is the one which is better groomed)

    In this published photograph, Dr Luncheon seems to be staring into infinity. Prepared for whatever might be coming. I do not like his politics, but I still wish him all the very best….and if possible, improved health. And even though he is not a “Believer”, I say “God Bless you, Dr Roger”.

  3. No sir:
    You are very young, your job is unfinished.
    You have much more to offer this fledgling Nation.
    It was once decimated by the PNC and they made it just like dead.
    It had no money or may I say negative money and pretty well no infrastructure.
    You came on board and made the difference.
    Please seek treatment.
    Please do not break the Guyanese heart.


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