El Dorado Robbery: Three Police Officers among persons arrested

Some of the alleged robbers. The mastermind is in the middle.

By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Three Police Officers are among five persons in custody in connection with the multimillion dollar robbery committed on the El Dorado Gold Trading Company, on Friday night (November 8) in Port Kaituma, Region One.

This is according to Crime Chief Seelall Persaud. He explained that an employee, who is the mastermind, had coordinated the crime along with the police officers in order to cover his tracks for money he had embezzled from the company, creating a situation where the perpetrators were responsible for reporting and investigating the crime.

Persaud said it was the cooperation of members of the community and other citizens that assisted significantly in cracking the case.

He added that 96 ounces of gold was recovered which accounts for what was stolen. Additionally, Persaud said over $17 million was recovered in cash.

iNews was however, informed that the Gold Company was robbed of over $50 million in cash which was recovered at one of the suspects’ house in Blairmont, Berbice.

Reports indicate that the men tied up two employees in the office in Port Kaituma and executed the robbery. The alleged robbers are expected to be charged shortly.



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