Cocaine ‘Sweets’ were intended for overseas – Crime Chief

Crime Chief, Deputy Commissioner Seelall Persaud

By Kurt Campbell

[] – Deputy Commissioner and Crime Chief Seelall Persaud has disclosed that two persons are currently on bail in connection with the sweets which were seized from a vendor in White Water, North West District which later tested positive for cocaine.

According to Persaud, the test revealed that it was in-fact compressed cocaine in sweet wrappers.

“They remove the sweets, put cocaine in the packages, make it resemble the sweets and use the wrapper to wrap it,” the Crime Chief told reporters on Monday, November 11.

He also expressed the belief that the commodity was not intended for the North West. “I want to believe it was intended for some place overseas,” he added.

The Crime Chief said there is no evidence to determine the period of time such a practice was ongoing.

“We have found cocaine in peppers, we have found it concealed in Ochros, in fish, in lumber, in all kinds of things, it’s not unusual to find a concealed method that have not been used before.”

The discovery was made after several children were hospitalized after they ate the sweets. The children came down with vomiting and diarrhea and had to be treated at the Mabaruma Hospital. Police continue their investigations.



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