Dozens protest deplorable Bartica/Potaro road

Bartical residents protesting the state of the roads.


By Kurt Campbell

Bartical residents protesting the state of the roads.
Bartica residents protesting the state of the roads.

[]–Some 50 persons, including Mini Bus Operators and residents of Bartica, Region Seven took to the streets this morning in protest against what they say is the government’s neglect of the Bartica/Potaro road, which they fear may become impassable.

Residents fluttered placards and chanted along First Ave. and in front the of Regional Democratic Council building.

According to the residents, the administration has not made good on its promise to improve the condition of the critical linkage between Bartica and several interior locations.

They pointed out that several school children, businessmen and women and working adults are severely affected on a daily basis, especially when it rains.

Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford
Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford

Only last week the Mini Bus Association members went on strike for a day, but according to them, the strike along with their daily suffering goes unnoticed by the relevant authorities.

When contacted by iNews, Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford also bemoaned the state of the road.

He told iNews that he informed residents that he had made several representations to central government and directly to President Donald Ramotar and was promised that something will be done. He recalled that last year there was some patching done to the road but indicated that the work was inadequate for the heavy traffic that traverse the path and recommended that that an industrial grade type of road be constructed.

“We have been crying out for years and I will continue to pressure central government,” he said.
According to Bradford, “the road is definitely in bad state;” adding that the Region’s roads should have been in better conditions taking into consideration the amount of gold and other precious stones it produces that contributes to sustained economic growth.

He feels Bartica is not given the attention it should by the administration even as he made comparison to the infrastructural interventions that other regions benefit from.

The Regional Representative also bemoaned the state of the road (9 Miles) leading to the Essanno Landing which he said is impassable at this time and called on the administration to give serious consideration to improving the condition.

Bradford said residents are made to bear the additional transportation cost due to the absence of servable public infrastructure.  



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