DNA results from Brazil confirm guilty murder verdict  

Maryann Sunita Nauth
Maryann Sunita Nauth
Maryann Sunita Nauth

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force is in receipt of results of DNA samples associated with two 2013 murders.

The samples are from the crime scenes of Millicent Cummings who was murdered in April in 2013 and Maryann Nauth murdered in May of the same year. Of the two samples sent one returned with a positive match while the other was negative.

 Cummings was found murdered at Cove and John a stone’s throw away from the Cove and John Police Station, East Coast Demerara. Her semi-nude body was discovered in a yard under an abandoned house in the area. 

Police did question several persons in connection with the murder but there was one suspect who was held for a prolonged period. Police took samples from him and those were sent for testing.  Samples taken from under the victim’s finger nails did not match that of the suspect who was subsequently released.

Meanwhile in the matter of Maryann Nauth who was murdered inside a room a room at the K&VC Hotel on South Road, the samples which were taken from the pants of the woman’s husband returned positive.

Millicent Prince-Cummings

The results of the samples come even as the man would have already been tried and found guilty in the Court for the murder. The police had retrieved blood samples which were found on the suspect Vinod Balgobin’s pants.  The blood samples matched those taken from the victim.

Balgobin is now serving a 27 year sentence in jail after he was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to 43 years in prison. 

Meanwhile, the murder of 83 year-old Cummings, who was killed a few days before her birthday, is still unsolved.

The Guyana Police Force in the past has bee sending DNA Samples to Trinidad and Jamaica for testing but recently started sending samples to Brazil. DNA samples sent to Jamaica were said to be taking a very long time and delaying police investigations.



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