Granger pushes restructuring of Army for increased militarisation, readiness

GDF Base Camp Stephenson
President David Granger during an interactive session, with Army Chief of Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips and Deputy Chief of Staff, Khemraj Persaud
President David Granger during an interactive session, with Army Chief of Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips and Deputy Chief of Staff, Khemraj Persaud

[] – President David Granger is calling on the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) to  plan for “Total National Defence.” Speaking to officers at GDF Headquarters,  Camp Ayanganna yesterday, the President and Commander-in-Chief made reference to the ongoing border controversies involving Venezuela and Suriname.

It was noted by the President that the age of very “visible warfare”, in the form of harassment on our borders or the intrusion of gunboats into Guyana’s waters has not yet subsided.

According to Granger, “to survive in such a race means that there must be a plan for ‘total national defence.’ This, he said, “implies that all the elements and instruments of national power need constantly to be employed in order to protect our territory.”

“Guyana, in light of the injunction of the national Constitution, the counsel of the Committee and the aggressive persistence of these territorial claims, now needs to carefully define its policy for total national defence. Guyana needs a well-commanded, well-trained, well-equipped defence force with the core capabilities to keep our citizens safe and secure.  The GDF, in order to fulfil its mission must be multi-role, flexible and fully-integrated with sufficient support weapons,” said the President.

Granger said that for GDF to be prepared for any intrusion, it needs some core strengthening in the areas of personnel, equipment, morale, infrastructure and readiness.

In light of these needs, the Commander in Chief, announced the restructuring of the Defence force with the restoration of several key positions. These include Adjutant General, Quartermaster General and Inspector General.

GDF Base Camp Stephenson
GDF Base Camp Stephenson

“Other changes are necessary to enable the GDF to fulfil its Constitutional mandate and to perform its functions. These changes must be designed to develop the Force’s capability to provide continuous surveillance over Guyana’s air, territorial and maritime borders and approaches, to provide search-and-rescue services to persons in distress and to provide assistance to the civil authority in response to any threat or disaster,” the President stressed.

Further greater emphasis is to be placed on divisions such as the Air Corps, Coast Guard, Engineer Corps, the army Reserve, and the National Cadet course.

Also the Civil Defence Corps  will be established to support the work of the Civil Defence Commission in responding to and managing disasters.

The National Cadet Corps is to be re-established to allow boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18 years in secondary schools to pursue part-time training to prepare them for adult life.



  1. The president is in a difficult situation now that Desi Bouterse starting to bark on the eastern frontier..The GDF may not be able to handle Maduro’s forces in a full scale war, which I don’t think he is loco enough to start, but our army should be equipped to handle their regular sea vessels incursions into our territory.

  2. What you are saying is that bandits will never enter your home only the neighbors keep on dreaming and keep your money under the bed.

  3. Venezuela will not attack us. They know better. Venezuela will not send troops to our borders either. They know better. Venezuela will not seize research vessels contracted in Guyana’s interest. They will not stop selling oil to us.They know better. right?

  4. The country is in tatters economically and this is what Granger is focusing on. It is a clear indication of his priorities. Further militarization will entail expending significant financial resources. Do we have such resources to throw around? Or is it that big brothers, ABC, will provide? Granger needs to be more militant in regard to the social and economic welfare of the country. Venezuela will not attack us. They know better.


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