Delayed ‘psych report’ stalls case against alleged rapist, murderer


Murder accused, Ryan Bob Semple. [iNews' Photo]
Murder accused, Ryan Bob Semple. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Murder accused, Ryan Bob Semple, who allegedly sodomized and killed a nine year old boy made another court appearance before Magistrate Fabayo Azore on Monday, June 15.

His appearance had to with the presentation of a report on his mental state but this was not done. According to Prosecutor, Bharrat Mangru, the report is not yet ready although it was ordered by the Chief Magistrate over one month ago.

The Chief Magistrate had ordered that the accused undergo a psychiatric evaluation, after his Attorney stated that he was not competent to stand trial.

The court was again told that the defendant received treatment but the report was not ready. The partially decomposed body of the lad was found in a trench in the South Ruimveldt Backlands.

According to reports, Semple saw the little boy walking during the night at Cane View Avenue, South Ruimveldt between April 01 and 04, when he grabbed him and took him to an uninhabited area, where he tied the victim’s hands and sodomized him while choking him until he passed out.

The accused then slept with the child under a tree until he awoke next morning to the child’s motionless body. The man is accused of severing the child’s penis before raping him again and dumping the body.



  1. It’s simple if Bob Semple is mentally unstable, put him to rest (an injection wouldn’t hurt….one less threat on our streets…

  2. Ref. Rapist Accused Of Mental illness.

    I am very wary of some Prosecutors and Judges asking for mental/psychological evaluations of some Rapists after the fact.

    We live in a world currently where is extremely difficult to determine who is Sane for the Insane.

    Reference I.S.I.L Terrorist Cutthroats, Al Qaeda Terrorists, Boko Haraam Terrorists, and many more.

    Therefore, the Magistrate/Judge, in light of the above realities cited, deduce that the alleged rapist is GUILTY as charged.


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