Dead gunman identified as 24 -Y-O UG Student



Dead gunman: Mahendra Sukull called ‘Vickey’
Dead gunman: Mahendra Sukull called ‘Vickey’

[] –The other gunman who was killed last evening in a shootout with police during an armed robbery on the Lahago Supercenter at Montrose, East Coast Demerara has been identified as Mahendra Sukull called ‘Vickey’ of Ramtahal Street, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown.

The 24 – year – old was hiding in the supercenter unknowing to the police and onlookers who turned up at the scene after word of the robbery spread.

Sukull fired shots in the direction of the crowd before being shot by the Police.

The robbery occurred at around 6:45 PM, during which another gunman, identified as former policeman Warren Blue was also killed, while the third gunman escaped.

Many are now in shock over Sukull’s involvement as is evident on his Facebook page. Emotions are mixed about the young man who studied Computer Science at the University of Guyana.

The body of Mahendra Sukull
The body of Mahendra Sukull

He was also a student of Mae’s Secondary. iNews understands that as a teenager, Sukull discovered his mother had committed suicide in 2006, while an Uncle was caught with drugs in the United States around the same time.

Many of his friends on Facebook seem angry at him and some have posted on his Page that “he knew better and should have done better,” while others expressed sympathy, love and forgiveness for their friend.

Sukull was quite the socialite and can be seen at a number of popular events with known event promoters in his photos. In one of his pictures, he was also seen posing with a gun.




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  9. GREAT JOB, iNEWS guyana! Your reporting is very fair, and always balance. I commend the entire staff of inews. Tracy, congratulation to you, you really doing a good job.


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