Crime Chief commends Detectives for solving murders; close eye being kept on ‘staged robberies’

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum. [iNews' Photo]
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The issue of ‘staged’ crimes is not something new for the Guyana Police Force; as a matter of fact, detectives have investigated such cases before, according to Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum.

The Crime Chief during a recent interview with sections of the media, noted that he has always implored on his detectives to keep an open mind whenever investigating a crime.

“One of the things, I’ve always said to my investigators is to ensure that you go with an open mind and question these persons thoroughly and by questioning them and putting certain scenarios at them, you’ll be able to ascertain whether the crime was staged or not,” the Crime Chief said.

The issue of staged crimes came to the forefront following two recent cases involving a Corentyne man, who shot and killed his wife Pamela Kendall, on August 20 at Lot 19 #45 Village, Corentyne Berbice home.

He initially claimed that his home was invaded by armed men; however investigators found out he was lying, after he gave conflicting versions of the story.

Another case came to light recently when a Corentyne husband, who confessed to investigators that he staged a robbery at his Crabwood Creek home in order to resolve issues with his wife, was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and robbery under arms. Two of his accomplices were also jointly charged with robbery under arms.

Solving Murders

Meanwhile, the Crime Chief confirmed that there has been an increase in the number of murders being solved by detectives; he attributed this to a multiplicity of factors, including intelligence gathering capability.

“We have enhanced our capability, we have our persons on the ground; we have our intelligence operatives, they’re working beyond the call of duty; we have our social crime prevention programme, where in the community we have a high police presence; persons are cooperating with the police, they’re calling in and giving us information as it pertains to these very serious offences. We have our investigators; they are well trained to do these investigations,”

He also pointed out that some detectives benefited from overseas and local training. Given the fact that the improvement in solving murders is occurring under his tenure, the Crime Chief said that he feels a great sense of satisfaction.

“I am satisfied with the performance of the investigators, particularly, the major crimes investigation unit and I have direct control over that unit and most of these high profile murders that you would have seen reported…that major crime unit in collaboration with other divisions, worked as a team.”

He emphasized that intelligence sharing is key in solving crime.



  1. I must commend the GPF for solving these crimes. However I do hope they are prosecuted in the courts. On many previous occasion matters of such nature go to court and the proper evidences are not tender and as such, it is toss out of court.

  2. These intelligent Ministers are working hard to clean up the mess left for them by the previous administration and they are doing a great job so far.

  3. CM remember the blogs are done with 1 laptop per person,FREE from freedom ouse,so only the controlled blogs are viewed,,it’s evident

  4. Poor you,always NEGATIVE,how many thieving vehicles your shell shock criminals have in their fleet? Take a minute of your negative blogging time and join the IMPACT or your community policing group, make a difference,help yourself and stop being a crybaby,,,its brains that will see many of the criminals going to JAIL,they never used the Brains to think they would be KICKED OUT,,,opposition is the only place for them,if They all from freedom ouse give back what they took would be nice. How you expect the common criminal to act when the criminals were in HIGH PLACES? Come on.

  5. Why not take the money that they give to the Prime Minister of News Paper to buy fancy car and use it to put some cameras on the streets?Nagga has a fleet of 22 vehicles and he still want a new one while the finance minister says the country is bankrupt,use the money to improve on the 911 system,keep the army busy by attaching some with the police on patrols through out the country instead of feeding the army to do nothing,these no brains ministers we have are still celebrating their appointments ,some of them are still in shock of the position they are placed in and are still wondering where to start from.

  6. Come on ! You just start touching the ” Tip ” of the Iceberg and not even scratching it and you blowing you horn ! Come On !! Start bringing in the BIG criminals eg the master mind responsible for the brutal political instigated murder of Crum Ewing .Then you can blow ,probably using Crum Ewing Bull horn…….Those you shouting about any school boy could have solved them . Come on Crime Chief , get on with it !

  7. Notice all the critics and the finger pointers have nothing to say. Its so easy to criticize the police and point fingers when crime is on the rise or the perps are not apprended. It should be just as easy to compliment them for the string of recent successes. OR is the silence due to who they are apprehending. Great job guys keep it up.

  8. Modern Day Crime Solving methods require some very scientific tools like DNA, to decipher most crimes.

    Depending on Eye witnesses is passe now. Not many individuals volunteer information to the Police. Which can get them killed.

    I hope that the Guyana Police Services have the DNA and other tools for Crime Solving.

    If not, we are in a sorrowful state indeed.


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