Chronicle Newspaper reduced to a “political rag”; New State Media Boards appointed

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (center), Chairman of NCN Board of Directors, Vishaw Panday (left) and Chairperson of GNNL, Jean La Rose.

By Fareeza Haniff

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo along with members of the State Boards and CEOs of NCN and Guyana Chronicle.
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo along with members of the State Boards and CEOs of NCN and Guyana Chronicle.

[] – Chairpersons and Directors of the State Media Boards – Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL) and the National Communications Network (NCN) – were officially appointed by Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo on Tuesday, September 15, 2015.

The Chronicle Board of Directors includes:

Chair – Jean La Rose

Karen Davis

Imran Khan

Scherazade Ishoof-Khan

Ruel Johnson

Bert Wilkinson

Tabitha Sarabo

Patricia Woolford

Sohan Poonai


NCN – Board of Directors

Bishwa Panday – Chair

Mark Archer

Dr. Paloma Mohamed

Margaret Lawrence

Kojo McPherson

Dhanwanti Sukhdeo

Carolyn Walcott

Imran Khan

Colin Thompson

In his address to the new appointees, the Prime Minister explained that his Director of Public Information, Imran Khan was placed on both Boards, since he represents the Office of the Prime Minister, which has direct responsibility for the State media.

Nagamootoo made it clear that the Boards will decide on policy issues for the Companies and engage management on its efficient operation. Dealing with issues facing the Chronicle Newspaper, the Prime Minister said that it has been one of the most “abused newspapers in any part of the world” politically.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (center), Chairman of NCN Board of Directors, Vishaw Panday (left) and Chairperson of GNNL, Jean La Rose.
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo (center), Chairman of NCN Board of Directors, Bishwa Panday (left) and Chairperson of GNNL, Jean La Rose.

“It has been allowed to be reduced to the status of a political rag or a political broadsheet,” the Prime Minister said, pointing out that the new members of the Board will now have to deal with credibility issues.

According to the Prime Minister, he expects that the newspaper would carry opposing views in a responsible manner.

“Not to use the newspaper…to denigrate someone you don’t like as a jackass and revel in glory and satisfaction that that was one of the better headlines in a State newspaper,” Nagamootoo said.

He urged the Directors to consider the “human side” of the employees by ensuring that they work in a comfortable environment. Additionally, he charged the new Board to ensure that the Company is no longer in debt.

It was also noted that the Prime Minister is engaging an agency, which is willing to fund the construction of a new building to house the GNNL in the form of a grant.

Meanwhile, as it relates to the operations of the NCN, Nagamootoo explained that the Company needs to be “cleansed” since it has tremendous potential. He revealed that advertisers owe the NCN approximately $600M.

In this regard, the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bishwa Panday, made it clear that the Company will no longer do business with anyone who owes NCN.

Additionally, the Prime Minister has since instructed that the CEO of NCN rid the compound of some 14 non – functioning vehicles.

“Clean the place, it is not a junk yard,” the Prime Minister said. He made reference also to the deplorable state of the fencing, which is falling apart.



  1. Congrats Paper man…..aka Paper Prime Minister.

    Is this all Naga can do. What a shame. This man is a pompous idiot who will stoop to the lowest to gain power.

  2. Caesar. Correct .. But dem ain’t got d intellect like Cz.. Dem guessing and trying to brain wash dem now faustrated supporters ..ain’t know where the breeze coming from .. Dem don’t have a answer .. He close club at 2 ..that great and only idea to stop d crime some body got to tell he it ain’t working cause every time u see them dem smiling like dem happy .. Because dem game 12 body gaurds and d normal citizen at high risk with these criminal

  3. Chronicle political rag . SN crime rag. KN tabloid gossip. Every independent free media in Guyana is very much afraid to go after those that are installed by their external masters. They preached democracy and transparency and when it hit them in their face they do nothing about it. Jagdeo challenged them to put up or shut up and they choose to shut on on passing laws that all parliamentarians declare they local and overseas assets. They used to use their favorite independent free media as conduit to preach “pradoville -pradoville-pradoville ” on a daily basis for umpteen years. They used their favorite independent media as-conduit to preach PPP corruption and PPP thieving on a daily basis but none can keep asking the PNC installed regime rulers to say how much they spent on their installed victory. Ramjattan our new security minister dare not question PNC top brass on those GDF guns loaned to PNC. Ramjattan dare not be a bad man as he claimed he will be to ask the top DGF some daunting questions about those weapons were so called stolen form GDF.On campaign financing. Jagdeo again challenged them to say how much money they spent and whom are the donors. The independent free media silent on this. Why the so so called independent free media dont beat up on PNC like how they all did on PPP? They all know PNC intolerance for “independent free media” they are all very much afraid of PNC and this is why you only hearing from Ramjattan- Nagamoottoo and Seelall. 3 stooges henging their filth mouths where US leaking their dutty soup just to be in power.


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