Corentyne family attacked by gunmen; police vehicle damaged during shootout

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[] – A Corentyne family is now left traumatized after five gunmen, also armed with cutlasses, invaded their No.48 Village home on Wednesday morning.

According to a police report, at approximately 1:30 hrs on August 05, a gang of five men armed with firearms and cutlasses entered the premises of rice farmer, 38 – year – old Tagraj Tulshi.

The police noted that three of them entered the home after cutting their way through a wooden wall, while the other two stood guard outside. The men held up Tulshi’s wife Indranie Takean, 32 years, and took away $100,000.

According to the police report, ranks of a police mobile patrol responded to the report received and on approaching the scene came under fire. The ranks returned fire but the perpetrators managed to escape into the No. 48 Village backlands.

The police vehicle was damaged during the exchange of gunfire and investigations are in progress.




  1. Not sure if the hangman still exist in Guyana..Maybe some constitutional changes to ‘take out’ these type of people once found guilty…gotta balance freedom and right to life versus human rights .

  2. They want change take change this is the change
    This is what the young crack heads vote for,

    They never experience what a hell guyana was under the pnc in the pass

  3. Most of you who comment on the social network is very bias. You are accusing one of blaming others. That’s what most of you are doing. However the good Lord will allow the truth to be made known to the world. Then most of you will be shocked. I only hope some of you would be able to live through the shock.

  4. It is rather appalling to know that the present government is not doing anything to curb the CRIME situation in Guyana. This lawlessness have to stop. Innocent lives are being taken, because the culprits know themselves too well, to account for any of the committed on the innocent.

  5. I agree with you. But some of us are very good at blaming others instead of looking at facts and issues. It’s a blame culture.

  6. Everyone wants change, here is the change…who is the change benefitting? what good did the government did since they took office? Innocent, hardworking people afraid to enjoy their hard work, scared to sleep in their own bed. what is the use of that? we that’s overseas usually be excited to visit our home country now just the thought of this giving us nightmares. can you imagine one afraid to visit their families back home and live in fear for their loved ones in Guyana.

  7. For all of the experts on who is responsible who has or had all of the answers were you just as vocal when roger khan and company terrorized the country. Yes the population needs protection but no country in the world is free of crime. Brooklyn had 19 persons shot this weekend just pass and more added since then. This is America with all of its technology. NYC has 3000 police officers. Now I know this does not negate the responsibility of the government to protect the people but did these guns in the hands of criminals got in their hands just last week NO!!! We are pointing fingers. By the way the GUYANA police has been doing a much better job at arresting perps and solving crimes particularly murdersl lets give them some credit please.The job of fighting crime must be that of a cooperative effort between law enforcement and citizens. This message must be understood by our citizens.The vailed message is one particular segment of the population is victimized and the perps are of another ethnicity. Not particularly accurate. Ask Boyo who planned his murder.

  8. I can remember very clearly that Mr Ramjattan said he will stop crime completely and condemn Mr Rohee. However, the new government want to stop crime by freeing 60 crimnals and giving armed bandits 25 days of community service. Since the new government took office everyday is robbery,and killing.So lets give this government a round of a plause for all the promises they made to the fools.

  9. if you take ur head out of ur arse maybe you will see the light,,, so are you saying the PPP was doing the crime under there government I will tell you what that is what you are good at blame others because you can and will never be able to do a good job look back at the history of Guyana

  10. They had all the answers when they were in opposition. They should be no excuse now. Any excuse would be a sign of their lack of vision to run this county.

  11. This must be stopped immediately. If the Govt cannot handle the crime situation, well then they must ask for help form Professionals from other Countries who can help to control the situation. Crimes are being perpetrated by the PPP cabal to show that the Coalition can’t control the current crime situation in Guyana. The Coalition Govt will persevere.

  12. Its a crying shame at the crime rate,only one type of ppl know who to target,birds of feather flock together,,,,O zero tolerance on crime is the only solution.and the same has to go for all the ppl that cry justice when a CRIMINAL is shot and killed, too many youths are into crime,but they are being led by examples from HIGH UP,,ministers/criminals in office

  13. Ask Rohee,instead of blogging shit all day go do some crime prevention,all your stupid questions will be answered,

  14. What is the Minister of Security doing, he was the master of solving all crimes when in opposition. Bring on the solution NOW?????. ONLY one ethnic group of people are being targeted,!!!!!!!! ???i Common Minister.


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