APNU+AFC wants “caviar” in “hard guava season” – Rohee

The David Granger administration.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee says that by increasing their salaries, the APNU+AFC administration is defying its own public policies and being duplicitous.

There has been confirmation that the current administration is looking to hike the salaries of its officials but nothing concrete as it relates to the percentage of the increase.

In a statement to the media on Wednesday, August 05, Rohee pointed out that among the first acts of the APNU+ AFC Coalition in the National Assembly was the truncation of the benefits of former Presidents who served for minimally three years (in the case of former President Ramotar).

He said that the President David Granger administration “is not even four months old now and learning to sit up but they have raised their salaries which will have a major impact on the treasury not only now but forever as pensions are tied to salaries.”

The David Granger led administration.
The David Granger led administration.

“In this hard guava season the APNU+AFC fat cats are having caviar. That is callousness of the highest order,” said Rohee.

According to him, the hue and cry made by the APNU+AFC over a few former Presidents, they have now multiplied many times over and placed it squarely on the backs of the Guyanese people.

“With respect to (President) Granger’s point of differentiation, it is important to note that at one time Ministers worked for less than a Permanent Secretary and it was only in 2006 that was changed. As regards visits by Ministers being paid for privately is to be recalled that APNU+AFC had accused the PPP/C of engaging in this malpractice, without offering any evidence.”



  1. One year later and still got white mouth. Long live the PNC. Don’t fool yourself, the PNC runs the show. AFC were taken for a ride and lost their virginity in the process. Still bleeding.

  2. It’s good to know that almost one year after , the trustworthy Mr Trotman has not increased salaries, the President did. So much for believing those long bastards.

  3. Rohee yet again spewing off his nonsense .. The majority of Guyanese were living under hard times whist he and his parasites were feeding off the country until it was almost bankrupt so shut your big mouth… And as for those ignorant PPP trolls who spend their time critisizing, the true nature of the countries economy is evident as your drug running PPP government ministers are no longer in charge and the white lady ain’t going anywhere, things cooling off. We won’t now see those ugly buildings and other monstrosities flung up under the banner of progress to launder your drug money.

  4. Mr. Trotman said that the govt. is NOT increasing salaries for ministers anytime soon.
    I believe what he says. He IS an insider. Mr. Rohee, well, he IS Rohee!

  5. Roti, you are improving.I will allow you to take one foot out of your mouth. This is thecorrect way to engage in reparte.Please do not lapse back into stupldity,

  6. At least they are making it known publicly. After you and your party literally robbed the citizens with your million dollar salaries, billion dollar homes and lifestyles, you have the nerve to question this? How I wish the International Police could legally enter Guyana, and do a thorough investigation into all of your activities during your Administration, it should not end with Roger Khan!

  7. Whilst the slashing of past presidents benefits is arguable; undoubtedly, the five hundred thousand take home salary for ministers is ludicrously low relative to the responsibility, status and level of accountability for a ministerial position . Am certain in also ranks disproportionately low regionally and internationally even for third world economies.

  8. Just the tip of the iceberg,the economy is close to recession and the party is still going on,to hell with the people this is ABEE time now,a very sad time for us,a raise of pay in three months,what happen to the poor workers ? they dont count only their votes,well we were warned .

  9. Youths are out of work,people are catching hell,and these ppl are asking for a pay hike. Come on APNU fix the real problems in Guyana first. The crime rate will only get worse if you ppl fail to address it. When you deliver on all your promises we will welcome your request

  10. Maharanee you cant see pass your nose for your twisted racist views. Who are more a bunch of scum criminals than those greedy ppp garbage headed by jagdeo and that ex ticket seller rohee. Hope the cinema hold his spot. That ignorant disgrace.

  11. What a bunch of duplicitous PNC hacks; cut benefits for past presidents and increase their own salaries. Hypocrites!


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