Corentyne families terrorized by armed bandits

One of the houses that was robbed. [iNews' Photo]

Pellets impacts on the concrete fence. [iNews' Photo]
Pellets impacts on the concrete fence. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Two families were robbed by six armed bandits on the Corentyne on Friday night (July 03) shortly before 20:00 hrs.

iNews was reliably informed that the six armed men gained entrance into the premises of Valerie Williams, Rose Raphael, Bibi December and Shameer December and robbed them of a quantity of jewellery and over $100,000 Guyana Currency. The men reportedly cut into the back mesh fence of the yard to gain entry.

The bandits first attacked the Raphael Family and demanded cash and jewellery. During the incident Raphael’s daughter, Valerie Williams was robbed of three gold rings. They pounced on Raphael’s differently abled son who was on his way to the washroom after he screamed, alerting the others.

Raphael, upon enquiring what the alarm was, saw the men but was caught by one of the armed men and taken upstairs in order to handover the treasures the bandits believed she had.

One of the houses that was robbed. [iNews' Photo]
One of the houses that was robbed. [iNews’ Photo]
However she did not possess anything of the sort and the men left the family and turned her attention to December. Further, the robbery has left one of Raphael son’s Dorwin Lord, 18 years hospitalized in the New Amsterdam Public Hospital nursing injuries he sustained from being hit by pellets from a cartridge released at him as he was entering the yard.

Lord had reportedly returned from church and entered the yard when one of the gunmen saw him and discharged several rounds.

Meanwhile, December, 56, resides in the same yard but in a separate house. According to December, she heard an explosion and believed it was a squib. As she was about to enquire from Raphael if she heard a strange noise, a bandit greeted her by the window with a gun and told her to open the door.

The instruction was obeyed and December opened the door to the unwelcomed visitors who stole the jewellery she was wearing at the time and ransacked her house.

During the robberies, the families stated that the men released a number of rounds and threaten to end their lives if they did not hand over their valuables. According to December, the men harassed her during the robbery even though she pleaded with them to use soap to remove the gold rings from her fingers.

“Them pinch meh and pull up meh hand to take out the Jewellery and I tell them that I gone give them leh them bear with me… one of them with a lady stocking over his face threaten to chop off my finger after I ask them if they want meh wedding ring too,” December lamented.

December is currently vacationing in Guyana with her son and had only return on June 23. The overseas based Guyanese said this is her first robbery account as on numerous occasions, she had returned to Guyana and had a peaceful and happy vacation but this time it is different.

Police are continuing their investigations.



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  2. What a sad state in our country,an illegal government shows how dumb they are by electing a blind man to secure us,this makes Rohee looks like a genius.All Ramjattan knows is how to get drunk.

  3. Bring back hanging Once they are caught and proven without doubt that they are the perpetrators stop wasting monies to feed and house them take them to the gallows.

  4. Ramjattan should resign, you are incompetent. Stopping crime was your premier promise to the Guyanese people, what happen now? Crime is worse than before. And to crown it all is indian people getting killed and robbed.


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