An Open Letter to the Minister of Public Security


Dear Minister Ramjattan:

Minister Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan
Minister Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

The curfew your ministry has imposed on bars, nightclubs, and restaurants is no doubt well intentioned. Good intentions, however, aren’t the best grounds for making public policy. Everyone understands that there is an urgent need to address the skyrocketing crime rate, especially on account of the dramatic rise in violent crime. The speed with which you acted is admirable, not least because it shows resolve and because it gives the supporters of the new administration much needed talking points. Yet, it is important, and not too late, for you to reflect on what has just happened. You should do so despite the political pressures placed on you to stay the course.

A few weeks ago you stated that the crime rate is up due to economic desperation and hopelessness. It was therefore quite shocking that the remedy is a curfew on ‘sporting’ late at night. You must explain the relationships among the supposed socio-economic variables influencing crime against women and home invasions etc., and the measures you have put in place. As you know, the business community is upset with both the law and the manner in which it was concocted. You also need to explain why regional and international artistes should get privileged treatment over Guyanese citizens.  

Through this letter I urge you to actually study the crime situation in the country and to do so with both objectivity and with social scientific methods. A simple pronouncement based on your personal views is a far cry from what is expected on any cabinet member. It is not foolish to deduce from your policy that late night sporting (drinking in particular) is a major reason for armed robberies, home invasions, kidnappings, and violence against women? Yet, as the Minister of Public Security you should know that most home invasions and armed robberies against small businesses are not carried out after the time of the curfew. So what is the point of the curfew? As for violence against women, you need to present evidence that sporting late at night increases violence against women. It may be true, but show us rather than tell us.

Mr. Ramjattan, you need to consider the unintended consequences of the curfew policy. Many in the business community are convinced that a huge underground ‘market’ of unlicensed establishments would crop-up in no time. Revenues would be lost, and wherever something illegal is happening, even more illegal stuff might follow.

Finally, if you want to prevent road deaths due to drinking and driving then strengthen the road laws and have the police department expand the breathalyzer test programs. You may also start server-intervention training programs for bartenders/servers. The programs train servers to detect inebriated customers and take appropriate action.

From: The Piper



  1. Yes, @ Aleem – Where & how you got 500 vehicles to offer the Police Dept WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED????
    Someone said ” If you pay peanuts, you bound to attract an employ of Monkeys!” Policemen salary needs to be looked at urgently, among other things about LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS IN GUYANA!

  2. Terry i just want say one thing to u d police gotto be paid properly before doing the job correctly

  3. Release more prisoners and close bars and nightclubs let people not sleep in their homes because nobody knows when armed bandits will break your homes and rob n kill you.
    Mr. Ministers election is over and stop canvassing we are accessing you by your performance growing corruption and armed robbery in broad daylight and breaking house at night makes Guyana unsafe to live.

  4. I don’t live in Guyana, but I agree with the PIPER. 100% of the crime seems to be home invasions. Why do the clubs have to be penalized for this. To Aleern the person that offered vehicles and servicing, this is a very generous offer. I believe from what I am hearing about this Government that you will receive a response. However, remember, the government is not a Non-profit organization and it may not be appropriate for them to accept this. In their shoes I would be thinking what do you want for this or is this a set up as sometime down the road you want a favor and they would be hard pressed to say NO. I suggest selling it to them at a reasonable cost with servicing built in FREE for two or three years.

  5. I have heard of the corrupt police force of Guyana. A drunk driver can drive just as long as he has a few thousands of Guyana dollars to pay as bribe to a serving officer. Thts the problem rite there. A corrupt society produces corrupt produce. Start by having an honest hard working law abiding state workers and the result will be skyrocketing. We heard of the phrase tht is used when stopped by the cops,” write or left”. Haha, a degenerate society starting from the top. Start by enforcing the law with those who have the law in their hand. Have more honest cops.

  6. I’ve proposed to provide the minister with 500 police vehicles to patrol the streets on a twenty four hour basis, within three weeks from his acceptance, and at ZERO cost to the government.

    my proposal includes fully equipping two thousand officers, paying them a higher salary, training, benefits, maintenance and online record keeping for public scrutiny.
    I am awaiting a response!


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