Cop strips down to underwear to recover gun from trench


By Leroy Smith

[File Photo]
[File Photo]
[] – Police Lance Corporal, Longhorn was forced to strip off his clothes on Thursday evening as he plunged into a trench to recover a firearm which was allegedly tossed by the driver of a motorcar.

iNews understands that at approximately 21.35 hrs, the police ranks were conducting a patrol exercise along Laing Avenue, West Ruimveldt, when they stopped motorcar PMM 6285 to carry out a routine search.

Reports indicate that as the driver of the car was about to stop, he tossed a “shiny looking object” into the trench; however it did not escape the eyes of the police rank who questioned him about it.

The man initially denied that he threw anything into the trench but after intense questioning from the police, he buckled under pressure and admitted that it was a firearm.

The police rank then decided to strip to the underwear, plunged into the trench, where he was able to recover a 9mm pistol with its serial number filed off.

The ranks also managed to recover twelve rounds of live ammunition and one magazine. The driver of the car has been identified as Orin David, 30, of Laing Avenue.




  1. What the PPP did maharenee was to rob the country blind. Building mansions and buying multi million dollar homes and giving contracts to relatives and friends some of whom had no experience in doing the work and even when they expectedly screwed the work up they got another contract to fix same. Under the PPP it was a free for all with tax payers monies. Heard about the seven million dollar ticket jadgeo secured for himself and the wife he kicked out for first class travel? These are some of the great things the PPP did. I doubt if those were for the country- more like for themselves.

  2. Your Telling me in 23 years, these people have not done anything for the country ? Your either Blind or just hate Indians. How ever bad you might think they turned out, they took a broken up country and move it up. Remember how it was under Burnham.
    So who’s the idiot and Racist ?

  3. you are the one that is actually confused because you do not know that 21:30 hrs is actually 9:30 pm which is evening to most people with a brain. the timeline mentioned in this article doesn’t say nothing after midnight and is your inability to read and understand is what have you confused.

    with so much information readily available at one’s fingertips if something throws you in a kerfuffle you should by now know to double check or do some research before you rush to say something that points to how little you know.

    the editor is not in the business of teaching you time, that’s your responsibility!

  4. you are one of the most idiotic characters ever to traverse the blogosphere since its inception, and i know it because i have been on blogs / message boards since the days when netscape and prodegy were big big technological inventions.

    for 23 years the guyanese people suffered under the lazy morally and ethically bankrupt ppp party / government, both clueless where providing basic security for the population was concerned and here you are carping about guns and crime – looking for instant solution from a 50 day old government to a crime situation that has been the same for over two decades and has turned worse over the past six months.

    you idiots who come on here to write scripted nonsense out of freedumb house are the ones who are damaging the party more each day as people are becoming more aware of the dynamics around them and they do not sit back to be fed misinformation, lies and commie propaganda by idiots and dunces like you.

    the racism, fear mongering and incitement that are traits in the dna of the ppp party is as dangerous as any gun-toting bandit entering someone’s property to rob and murder so, you hold nothing over scum of the earth and people see right through you.

  5. Totally agree Mr. Persaud this kind of effort should and must be rewarded. It sends s message to the thugs. The cops will go the distance to arrest them. Good work and congrats to this officer.

  6. WDH… its only 2 months now that illegal guns and criminals running amok!! oh paleeeese. You need to wake the hell up…..

  7. What is interesting here is that the vehicle is registered under the Guyana Police Force. It is their vehicle.

  8. Your editor needs to address the issues of time description. The article with the pandit raping the sick girl leaves the reader confused. In this article readers are left to believe the incident occurred just after midnight. Is this so?

  9. The police officer must be commended for his dedication. I would like to say to Maharanee, why is it that some people could NEVER see the positive in a situation, you seem to think that the illegal guns and criminals started in May of 2015. Please explain what was happening before, it seems as if you were living in a bubble.

  10. Congrats!! outstanding work by the boys in BLUE,,,this is the kind o action taken by ranks that deserves high praise,,,CONGRATULATIONS,,,kerp it up

  11. Ok, This Cop is what we want to see in our Police. That is an extremely good effort to do and if he had not done it , the person would have gotten the gun back at a later time. Kudos to the police rank.

  12. This is one dedicated cop, I can only imagine what else is in that trench. Good job and I hope he gets a promotion for putting this guy in jail since the evidence can now be presented in court

  13. Illegal guns and criminals are running amok under this govt. People must demand this situation be brought under control or fire all a dem.


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