Cocaine accused on $300,000 bail; Mother bemoans Police conduct



POLICE-TRAINING-f[] – Two East Coast Demerara men were placed on $300,000 bail each when they appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore charged with being in possession of cocaine and marijuana on Thursday, April 03.

The men were arrested from their South Better Hope residence when police swooped down on their home on Wednesday, April 02 and found 41 grams of cocaine and seven grams of cannabis.

The mother of the men protested the actions of the police. Speaking with iNews (, Camel Singh said that the police wrongfully charged her son and son – in – law as she contends that nothing was found in their person or in the house that the police searched.

The woman said that the charging of her son came a month after he physically assaulted three police officers who visited their home in search of drugs.

According to her, when close to nine police officers showed up at her home to and began to search for illegal substances, she was with them all along on Wednesday.

In recalling the visit by the police, Ms Singh said that she was in her home when the men arrived and ordered the family to open the gate. She said that her son who was downstairs informed the police that the gate would only be opened unless there was a warrant.

The police nevertheless entered a neighbouring yard and scaled the fence into the suspects’ yard. iNews ( was informed by the woman that the police dragged her son and placed him into the police vehicle.

She said her son – in – law who was sitting upstairs, was also arrested. According to her, as the police was leaving another rank ordered that he too be arrested and dragged him from the house; while doing so, the entire stairway fell apart with the rank and the suspect.


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