Child care agency investigating statutory rape of 13-Y-O


rape[] – The Child Care and Protection Agency (CC&PA) says an investigation has been launched into the circumstance surrounding the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl from Essequibo who recently gave birth to twins at the Suddie Hospital.

Child Services Director Ann Green told iNews on Wednesday, April 22 that the agency only learnt of the child’s woes following reports that surfaced in the media on Monday.

The 13 – year – old student of Wakapoa, in the Lower Pomeroon River, was rushed to the Charity Hospital but transferred to the Suddie Hospital on Friday, April 17 where she gave birth.

According to reports, the pregnancy was only discovered after the young girl told a class teacher that she felt “something in her belly.”

The child was then taken to a health center where it was revealed that she was pregnant.

Greene explained to iNews that while the child’s condition is stable, a close eye is still being kept on her. She explained too that the case was being treated as statutory rape given the child’s age.

Statutory rape can fetch a maximum life sentence if a person is found guilty in Guyana’s courts.

Meanwhile, reports in local media have indicated that the child was raped when she went to Timehri, East Bank Demerara (EBD) to visit a relative.

The reports indicate that she attended a birthday party and was “sporting” when the incident happened.



  1. what a shame. Sporting or not, dressed provocatively, being out late…whatever, gives no one the right to rape her. A lot of young girls, especially from the interior are victims of this crime and someone needs to step up and do something about it. Often times many young girls are coerced into having sex and advantage is usually taken by those who think that they are too powerful to be punished…

  2. noting will come of this…on birth asked…fathers name…the most cases its done for money glamor glory..this is why most rapists walk free..some cases the victims will never state the name of the rapists..since money talks while bull crap and point cn sharma..he gets massive heart attacks every time he has to appear in many of them appeared in court but walked free because victims refused to talks while bull shit to stop it..prevent anyone guess..


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