GMSA President calls for “uneventful” General elections

President of the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA), Clinton Williams

By Jomo Paul 

President of the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA), Clinton Williams
President of the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA), Clinton Williams

[] – President of the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA), Clinton Williams has called for the May 11 polls to be conducted in a manner that is “uneventful.” 

Williams, while speaking at a GMSA business luncheon that featured President Donald Ramotar at the Guyana Marriott Hotel, said that Guyana deserves peaceful elections. 

He said the GMSA would like to see the May 11 polls being as “uneventful as previous national polls and we will look forward to the implementation of the new programmes that were promised to grow business landscape in Guyana.”

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has already called on all political parties and stakeholders to show a certain level of maturity in their endeavours as campaigning for the elections intensify.

In a release to the media on February 03, the PSC had said that it is important that politicians desist from “personal attacks on rival politicians.”

“All Guyanese must have the nation’s interest as their priority and must be prepared to accept the winner as determined by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Regardless of which Party wins, the leaders of all three political parties must work together to ensure the stability of the nation and its development,” the release noted.




  1. A B C countries are key in order to have peace after election results are out..
    Guyanese just two glimpse of whats to come in the days leading up to election.
    First glimpse what appeared to be a drugged up so called opposition activist challenging and daring police to stop her then hollering at the police to take their hands off her because police did not allow her to take her protest to the opening of the Marriott hotel.
    Second glimpse is this same so called activist verbally attacked and government who was giving an interview poking her finger up in his face despite pleading with her to stop.The drugged induced activist made sure she got in his face to provoke him into responding. Well the Dr respond in not so nice way and now he is the bad guy..When there are men like Ham Green and Junna Rahaman lying through their teeth challenging police to carry out their illegal protest theres bound to be troble that will in the end lead to violence.On the tape Ham Green when asked where he and his people are going he said to see the waves at the seawall or something to that effect.They wanted to stop the opening of the Marriott hotel.Stay tun for more of this…But the A B C countries .will remain silent and allow this to spill over into bigger and more violent confrontation. The will never warn opposition. By now the International Community of Peace Loving Nations should have Branded the PNC political party a terrorist organization. The PNC in or out of power continue terrorize the silent majority in Guyana while the A B C countries does nothing to held the silent majority.

  2. Please name the activist. We have seen the chief rabble rouser spouting his venom and his “personal frustrations” at Albion and Anna Regina.
    Mr. Granger did run for president in 2011. No one brought up the pain of the past, then. All Guyanese have a right to get involved in the political activities of this country. Including ex-soldiers. Especially the officers, because they are educated and disciplined and could influence positively the younger generation.
    Why must we be told to fear them? They are our brothers and sisters of Guyana. We will not shun them. Peace.

  3. To ensure an ‘uneventful’ election, laws must not be broken.
    The police is the key!
    If an officer see a direct confrontation and direct harassment, he must intervene.
    We have seen how an APNU ‘activist’ went over and above, travel from one end of a country to the Corentyne well prepared to create ‘the event’. The police was asked to intervene but it continued.
    We saw how it escalated!
    Now it is a protest!
    This ignorance and low life must stop before the crap hit the fan and drop on everyone’s head.


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