Businessman shot during robbery


POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – Joseph Pheonix, a 39 – year – old businessman of Craig, East Bank Demerara was shot in his left shoulder, after he was confronted by four men, one of whom was armed with a handgun in his shop on Tuesday, April 14.

A police release noted that at approximately 20:45hrs, the men entered Pheonix’s business premises under the pretext of purchasing water after which they attempted to rob the businessman; however he resisted and was shot. The men escaped.

According to the police, the businessman also sustained a grazed wound to his jaw. Pheonix was treated at the GPHC and sent away. Investigations are in progress.



  1. dont worry yeah ppp has it covered with their 115 point plan..or make that 111111115 point ppp plan to tackle criminals…de plans ppp have to to keep the same police and hire more criminals to be police..


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