Businessman robbed by motorcycle bandits

The scene of the crime [iNews Photo]

By Leroy Smith

The scene of the crime [iNews Photo]
The scene of the crime [iNews Photo]
[] – Two bandits on a motorcycle robbed a man and his wife of some $800,000 on Wednesday, May 27. Businessman, Persaud Singh, who is slated to leave the country, soon told iNews that he had just withdrew the cash from Demerara Bank on Camp and South Road and traveled to a store on Brickdam, Georgetown when he was attacked.

According to the businessman, as soon as he arrived at the location, two men on a motorcycle rode up alongside him and shot at his front passenger window, shattering the glass. The men then demanded that the couple hand over the cash, which they did.

The bandits then made good their escape. Police investigations are ongoing.




  1. Undercover cops should be doing surveillance around the banks, and paying attention to suspicious persons on motorcycles. These culprits can be easily caught.

  2. There need to be police undercover at these banks. Those bastards lurke around and target folks when they leave the banks. Something needs to be done.

  3. Someone tipping off these bandits that why they know who to target. It looks like they have an inside man.

  4. All that need to do now is to plan an attack,it”s very simple,send someone to the bank and have family members standby to execute these bandits

  5. Regardless of ethnicity these bugs MUST be made to think twice before they victimize hard working citizens. Stop and frisk must be apart of the police response.These heartless creatures will victimize anyone regardless of race, age or sex. A sustained effort must be made in curbing these crimes of opportunity. If this is allowed to continue we are looking at anarchy. Improving police salaries may also attract a more professional officer. On going training is also needed and better equiptment. Stepped up intelligence to weed out this element should also be considered.

  6. This is the only true thing you ever said, Guyana is in safe hands now,,,See
    All is still the COP,

  7. Well my opinion about these motorcycle bandits need to be taken seriously but the police force when ever the see a bike stop them day or night and request their ID card and documents for the said motorcycle, and deal with them from there because especially in Albouystown area have these bikes that have been stolen and no number plate and in the day they put on regardless of what type of bikes the police need to deal with this urgently this is my concern.

  8. We need to put more surveillance cameras around the city and other environments. It really helps with the identify of these bloody bandits.

  9. Persaud Singh? is de business man name? really? but anyhow have no friken since our new home affairs minister will soon ketch dem an deal wid dem ..guyana in safe hands now.


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