US makes extradition request for T&T’s Jack Warner on corruption, other charges

Jack Warner
Jack Warner
Jack Warner

[Trinidad Express] – Attorney General Garvin Nicholas has confirmed that he met this morning with United States authorities who are in Trinidad to extradite Jack Warner back to the US, to face charges of racketeering, money laundering and corruption.

Nicholas said he did not have time to peruse the documents which he described as “bulky”.

He confirmed that US officials met with the Central Authority this morning to make an official request to have Warner extradited.

“The normal process for extradition would be that an application is made through the Central Authority and it is processed in that way. I can tell you that an application has been made and therefore the normal process has been triggered and it is taking its course”, said the attorney general. Nicholas explained that the length of time that an extradition takes place is determined by many factors.

“Since I have been AG, for example, were have dealt with four extraditions and they have been relatively simple to deal with. Because many of the accused actually pleased guilty to the offences, or should I say they acquiesced to the request. And putting the paper work in place was not terribly difficult. And we have done that for accused both going to the United States of America and to the United Kingdom”, said Nicholas.

He said he will consult with the Central Authority on how to proceed with the extradition. He assured that the application to have Warner extradited will be treated just like every other request.

Nicholas made the disclosure to the media before attending a function at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Port of Spain. Warner is to be indicted on several charges which include money laundering conspiracy, racketeering and fraud while a vice-president of football governing body FIFA.

Warner, 72, is one of nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives indicted. Warner’s two sons, Daryll and Daryan, cooperated with US investigators and pleaded guilty almost two years ago to a series of charges.

Details of the charges were unsealed today in a statement issued by the US Department of Justice.



  1. Can’t wait for jagdeo and he ppp crew get their turn, they really deserve this honor by the us……….lol

  2. us should request extradition for those who are now ruling guyana again..imagine ham green my uncle get award for the atrocities he committed on guyanese


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