Businessman discharged 15 shots in a fit of rage



By Leroy Smith

gun[] – Proprietor of the Nut Centre on Robb Street, John Singh went berserk on Monday night and allegedly discharged fifteen shots from a 9mm Pistol at the home of his brother – in – law where his wife and children were staying.

iNews learned that the man showed up at the Pigeon Island East Coast Demerara residence and demanded that his wife bring out his children so that he could take them for a vacation.

The children ages 15, 14 and a younger one were not willing to go with their father and according to a close relative who spoke with iNews, the man decided to take the children by force.

The man and the woman are said to have been married but due to some domestic issues they have been living a part for the last few weeks.

The man is a licensed firearm holder and while many know him to carry a shot gun, on Monday he showed up at the East Coast Demerara property with a 9mm Pistol.

A close relative related that both the woman and the children were traumatised in the house because of the manner in which the man behaved.

Investigators have since revealed that the man will be charged. Additionally, his firearm was also confiscated by the police. The police recovered several spent shells from the house.



  1. It’s ass***** like YOU who make it hard for Real Businessmen to get a GUN license when you do this sh**. Get a life . Get out . she in want you no more.:) Now the children in want you.

  2. watch this bana like a hawk….he will make good on his threats if he doe not get his way…he must be jailed big time to sit n ponder his deadly action…he must never be able to own a gun ever again..he should have put that gun to his own head and pull the trigger….if the women dont want you get the hell out of her life and stay away men.. whats so hard not to understand?


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