Brother and sister found with cannabis out on bail for escaping police custody 

Bryan Roberts
Lisa Mangru
Lisa Mangru

[] – A 19 year-old man and his 26 year-old sister were today both placed on $100,000 bail each by Magistrate Fabayo Azore for escaping police custody after they were found in possession of 1.1 grammes of cannabis each. 

It is alleged that 19 year-old Bryan Roberts and 26 year-old Lisa Mangru –  of Lot 38 QQ Lamaha Park, Georgetown on October 14, 2015 were detained at the Alberttown Police Station, while a pending investigation into a narcotics matter was being conducted, when they escaped from lawful custody.

It is also alleged that the two on that same day at the Seawall Road, Kingston they had in their possession 1.1 grammes of cannabis each.

Both Mangru, a self-employed businesswoman and  Roberts,  a Trainee Machine Operator at MCORP pleaded not guilty to the charge of escaping from police custody. They however, pleaded guilty to the offence of possession of narcotics.

The Attorney for both accused explained to the court that both his clients have never had any brushes with the law.

Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts

He described on the day in question, the elder sibling  Mangru was escorting her brother and some his friends to a location in Georgetown when the police stopped them and conducted a search on the vehicle and on their persons.

The police discovered the drugs on the two accused which they admitted to having. In relation to the charge of escaping from lawful custody, the Attorney further expressed that his clients were never told by the police that they were under arrest or were told to stay at the station.

The two accused were granted bail in the the sum of $100,000 each for the offence of escaping from lawful custody and as it relates to the offence of possession of narcotics, they were fined $5000 each.

They are report to the Alberttown Police station every Friday for two hours until the end of their trial.



  1. This is a complete waste of the courts time and taxes, free them like A Gomes who killed his friend and all charges dropped,,,free then they need to be in UG, not in the lock ups,,,the justice system is confused just like AP/crapnew- con-fu,


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