Former Death Squad member surrenders to police

Sean Hinds along with his Attorney, Nigel Hughes. [HGPTV Nightly News Photo]

Sean Hinds along with his Attorney, Nigel Hughes. [HGPTV Nightly News Photo]
Sean Hinds along with his Attorney, Nigel Hughes. [HGPTV Nightly News Photo]
[] – After a series of interviews with local journalist, Travis Chase, self-confessed Death Squad Member Sean Hinds has turned himself in to the Guyana Police Force.

Hinds surrendered to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on Monday, July 27, in the company of his attorney, Nigel Hughes. Hinds is currently wanted by the Guyana Police Force in connection with a “serious offence.”

He is also allegedly wanted after he was seen staking out the home of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo; however Hinds has since denied that claim.

The former policeman broke his silence and confessed to being part of the death squad in Guyana back in 2002/2003, which was responsible for bringing down several armed criminals who had escaped from the Camp Street Prison in February 2002.

Hinds made the revelation during an exclusive interview with Travis Chase of HGPTV Nightly News on July 21, where he also noted that he took direct orders from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to Hinds, the CID also provided the death squad with weapons and that he worked with the late Axel Williams, who was gunned down several years ago.



  1. OH, I forgot to mention, this will be free services paid for by the order of the day…Clall and Bladhem just running the formalities, outcome pretty much in the coffin nailed.

  2. This is an El Do Rado classic for those of you who know that that is. Shawn has hired the best of the best, this is world class here. Heads will roll, Granger at his best, come on my friend, tell me the truth. Shawn will climb the ranks in no time. Any bets, Jaggy knows he and his goons in deep waters right now and going down down by the day.

  3. Emile mervin, seems to know a lot about pampers. I wonder what size of pampers Emile mervin is wearing?

  4. that is how good a lawyer he is!!!…. actually he is the best criminal lawyer in Guyana, in fact i think he is the only one that make sense to have when you are in deep problems!!!

  5. “The CID also provided the death squad with weapons.”

    Lets see who Granger gang will fire, prosecute, jail etc.

  6. Irrelevant! Chew on this: Jagdeo said as lo general as he is President, Nigel will never ‘silk’ or become Senior Counsel. Well, looks like Jagdeo will soon be wearing adult diapers to hold the flow from his loosened bowels.

  7. Counsel Mr Nigel Hughes will try to navigate a very tricky bend in the turbulent waters of ‘river’ Hinds. This self-confessed murderer will be given professional advice as how to get the shortest sentence on conviction; but conviction and sentence he is most likely to receive for his SELF-CONFESSED murders. BTW, I am trying to ascertain whether, in this photo, Hinds is wearing a bullet-proof vest – and Mr Nigel, as well!

  8. Who else to represent him but Nijel Huges,remember he remove the video from the murder scene in Buxton,this man was involved in so many murders and he will walk free since Nijel will represent him,I am sure he will not even face any charges.

  9. Holy Smokes! Sean hired Nigel? Some may see this as a bad move with damaging implications for the AFC, but this could be
    the beginning of the end of the PPP, but especially Bharrat Jagdeo.
    Sean left the camp of his friend-turn-enemy to seek refuge in the camp of his old friend’s enemy.
    Let the music begin! Sing, Sean, sing!

  10. Come on folks…Moses just wants to be important…. the Phantom Guy is right why would a high profile well known Operative like him be staking out Moses’ yard ?


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