Opposition upset with Govt’s ‘mishandling’ of Venezuela/Guyana controversy


By Fareeza Haniff

Former President Donald Ramotar and Venezuela's President, Nicolas Maduro during the official visit to Guyana in August 2013. [iNews' Photo]
Former President Donald Ramotar and Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro during the official visit to Guyana in August 2013. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Opposition People’s Progressive Party is not happy with the way in which the APNU+AFC government is handling the bitter border row between Guyana and Venezuela, indicating that a PPP government would have practiced proper diplomacy.

But at the same time, General Secretary of the Party, Clement Rohee defended the PPP’s decision to refuse a meeting with the government to assist in handling the issue, pointing out that it is the Party’s right not to do so.

“We are upset with this government about the mishandling of the diplomatic bilateral relations between the two countries. They are mishandling it,” Rohee told a press conference at Freedom House on Monday, July 27.

He chided the APNU+AFC administration for halting the flights of CONVIASA, which is Venezuela’s state-owned airline over the non-payment of bonds and landing fees, which stranded hundreds of passengers.

According to Rohee, this decision was made at a time when the issue just arose, making it appear as a retaliation to Nicolas Maduro’s decree, which claims two thirds of Guyana’s territory.

“They [APNU+AFC] took a measure that was inexcusable and unnecessary and appeared to be a kind of retaliation by not allowing the CONVIASA planes to land in Guyana because of certain charges which were due. I think in the interest of good neighbourly relationships, those issues should have been negotiated,” Rohee, who was Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister at one point, told reporters.

He also made reference to the now failed PetroCaribe arrangement between Guyana and Venezuela as another economic blunder by the new government.

“We also say that there are a number of agreements of a bilateral nature between Guyana and Venezuela, which have been signed and which have potential to develop or to generate closer, bilateral, technical assistance and economic cooperation between the two countries,” the PPP General Secretary said.

He further noted that the Opposition has not heard about any efforts being made at dialogue with Venezuela to overcome the hurdles, noting that the government is not practicing diplomacy to ease the tension between the neighboring countries.



  1. All decisions of Granger against the border issue with Venezuela , are of a provocative , are not those of a statesman who wants the best for his people. Guyana and Venezuela despite the border dispute had several cooperation agreements and technical assistance , which have already been put on review to be cut . The suspension of flights Caracas -Georgetown CONVIASA used it Guyanese and tourists , that affects neither CONVIASA or Venezuela , Venezuela affects any measure affecting the Guyanese people. Channel solution of the dispute is international law , not the warming of relations , including USA even Granger supported the request .

  2. That’s the sickness that has infected the PPP/C Party for decades, it’s all about pleasing their friends instead of taking a principled stand on the brazen intrusion by Venezuelan government towards Guyana. Nepotism goes deep and wide in the PPP/C party. Instead of working to build a united Guyana with your fellow country men, you are more concerned with being in bed with your neighbor. A sad bunch indeed!

  3. Although I do not like Rohee, I have to agree here. It looks like the Granger administration has no clue on how to develop the economy, how to create jobs or increase the dollar value. Even Carl Greenage was on Radio yesterday stating that the public is tired of seeing the APNU go after other people wealth in an attempt to full their pockets. Stop chasing after the past! Think of how to spend the tax payers dollars wisely to develop the future. The past is the past and those money are gone….look for tomorrow! Stop letting the ego get in the way. I am not sure which party has more dunce…APNU or PPP….The future does not look bright for the Guyanese people…..What happen to the 100-day plan? Instead of everyone expressing racism and firing people based on ego, work together as a team for the sake of the people to develop the country. Since APNU took office, the guyana dollar value has not gone up a penny….only thing change was them going after the previous government and increasing crime rate by double the % factor.

  4. This man is wicked beyond belief. He don’t know anything about diplomacy. He was just an embarrassment to the country when he was foreign minister.

  5. This man should be barred from making public statements, he is a dunce, why would you remind Guyanese that you were their chief diplomat? Remember you did not know the difference between Dominica and the Dominican Republic? Remember that you were the first Foreign Minister in the history of Guyana to have their visas revoked?

  6. Do you think they consider Guyana their birth right? I think these people sold their birth right to the highest bidder and it has caught up to them. They see Guyana as an avenue to suppress the people they choose to suppress, pocket the nation’s money and wealth and insult and denigrate the intellect of the current leadership. Many of the blacks they hired were hired to do their “dirty work”‘. Examine the behaviors of the PPP, follow and examine their behaviors and the decisions they made while in power and what areas they tried to build and who they suppressed. They do not consider Guyana their birth right. If not their actions would be different, They would have the nation’s best interest at heart and people would be living a more prosperous life. Ignorance at its best.

  7. Rohee you and your ilk that feel the way you do should leave my country NOW! I would like you piece of $#$$ to get your Venezuelan passport and id and leave. Do you know what love of country mean. The opposition in that country is acting as one to take my country and you are publicly criticizing my leadership. You are too ignorant for me to try and explain – shut up and leave

  8. Rohee, you are a piece of s***.. you would sell your mother. You are one to talk against your own country. President Granger throw this a**hole in jail.

  9. Rohee ya head just hard or ya too dunce to comprehend the fact that Maduro wants ‘OUR’ birthright!!!

  10. will mr rohee, and the ppp, are you ready for war if it should come, hope to see you on the battlefield, …………….i ready to fight for my country, when called upon, are you, …………………….you guys destroyed our country,, what else is there to do

    if you guys colude with the enemy, you know that treason, execuation by firing , squad, no jail time there

  11. It is now clear beyond a reasonable doubt that the PPP is intellectually and morally bankrupt. Mr Conversation Tree Ramkarran the PPP needs you to return to do some cleaning out and rules reform so that it can form a credible and loyal opposition.

  12. The PPP now knows what is the right thing to do they were there for 23yrs and messed things up now they suddenly have 20/20 vision Rohee said that he is not a visionary he repeated that many times he is just plain stupid in trying to side with Venezuela against the government fora few dollars more they would sell their souls to the devil Guyan is not for sale Rohee and his team must go to jail .unpatriotic set of people

  13. Rohee is a goat ! Rohee is a goat !. Rohee is a goat !. This is the limit of stupidity.

    You cannot be more goatish Rohee. You are an Ass…… sorry goat…

  14. If this was not so serious, it would be laughable. Isn’t Rohee part of the gang who did not tell the people of Guyana that the rice deal was coming to an end? The accumulation of money owed, was the previous Government even going to go after Venezuela to get paid or just bend over and take whatever. Then comes OUR TERRITORY, like one post said the Opposition party and the Government of the day in Venezuela have joined forces to try to bully Guyana, but Rohee is ready to bow down and kiss A… SAAAAAAAAAAAD

  15. ROHEE..you are a complete AHOLE and i hope INEWS post this particular comment of mine.Just imagine Venezuela is also politically divided and when you read the reports coming out of that country the are putting that aside and being united as a country and here is this Jackass going against the Government on this issue, such an idiot.It just goes to show that these people will sell their birth right even.When a family don’t get along or a brother don’t like he sister the whole village would know yes.But anytime someone want to wrong that sister the brother would forget about the differences and defend his sister.Just like what Venezuela doing,holding one head,but these idiots willing to go against their own country men,what fools ,Aholes .Granger and Moses hurry and lock these fools away ok.

  16. How did the tension come about Mr. Rohee? You people are the ones who are trying to use Mad-ru-dee to de-stabalise the present government. So sit your dunce self down and find something constructive to do. You wicked people.


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