Brazilian made guns most seized in Guyana – Crime Chief



By Leroy Smith

Crime Chief, Leslie James
Crime Chief, Leslie James

[] – Crime Chief Leslie James has revealed that in the past three years, the Guyana Police Force has been seizing illegal weapons which are made in neighbouring Brazil.

The Crime Chief told reporters on Monday, November 17 that between 2009 to October 31, 2014, the types of weapons seized and which were determined to be illegally obtained are mostly pistols and revolvers.

He added that 35 percent of the weapons seized were revolvers while pistols were recorded at 34 percent and have been determined as the preferred choice of weapons for criminals in society.

As it relates to the origin of the weapons seized between 2012 and 2014, the Crime Chief said that weapons from Brazil lead the way while those out of the United States followed closely.

Police records have shown that Brazilian type weapons were the choice of criminals and in 2012 the Police Force was able to seize a total of 111, while in 2013 the number decreased to 100.

The United States type weapons have been recorded at 33 in number for 2012 and 18 for the year 2013. He believes that the weapons from Brazil might be trafficked through Guyana/Brazil border.

James also pointed out Brazilians who travel to Guyana illegally for mining purposes with their weapons on them. iNews understands that those weapons usually make their way into the city and are usually confiscated by the police during raids and other operations.




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  5. Crime Chief Leslie James has revealed that in the past three years, the Guyana Police Force has been seizing illegal weapons which are made in neighbouring Brazil. Ok if thats the fact then why not try denting the criminal enterprise..
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