BM Soat son shot – gunmen snatch money bag and escape

SHOT: Mohammed

The director of BM Soat Auto sales was last evening shot and robbed as he was leaving the company with the day’s sales.

Reports indicate that as 28-year-old Rameez Mohammed was leaving the entity on Croal Street, Georgetown, two men drove up to him on a motorcycle and shot him to the left leg. They then proceeded to drive away with an undisclosed sum of cash.

SHOT: Mohammed
SHOT:Rameez  Mohammed

Mohammed, whose father owns BM Soat Auto Sales on Croal Street, Georgetown, rushed to a medical facility in Georgetown and is said to still be receiving treatment.

Security guard at BM Soat, Granville Gill, said at the time of the robbery attack he was upstairs standing at the door of the office after Mohammed had descended the stairs.

“We were standing on the landing there closing off and his mother was at the back coming. So I keep the grill open for her to pass out. Same time we hear “BLAM!”, and I just kicked back the grill,” Gill said, as he along with another colleague immediately rushed to see what was happening. They then found Mohammed crouched on the ground, while the two men jumped on the motorcycle and rode away.
The security guard said he could not see the face of the men, since the one who was riding the motorcycle had his face fully covered with a helmet and his accomplice was wearing a cap and turned his face when they rode off.
Mohammed was picked up and rushed to a private hospital in the city. Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

 (INews will bring further details in a subsequent report)



  1. As a business man dealing with a CASH SYSTEM in Guyana you have to be of a mind set of being robbed anytime…!!! His security guard should have been at his side once the business man existed the building ready to attack if threatened. Business men and women have to change their ways in carry around cash as whole so that they can protect their own lives and their earnings. If not there all just sitting DUCKS..!!!


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