Several injured in two-vehicle smash-up on Regent Street


Several passengers of a route 48 mini-bus are still nursing wounds after a motor car slammed into the vehicle they were travelling in, causing it to topple at the intersection of Regent and Albert Streets, Georgetown.

According to eyewitnesses, the accident, involving a Route 48 minibus and a private car, occurred around 20:40 hrs last night The minibus, bearing registration plate BTT 4214 and registered to a South Sophia resident, was heading west along Regent Street, while the car, registered as PEE 8062, was heading north along Albert Street when the two collided at the junction of the two streets in the Lacytown area.

The mangled remains of the car that was involed in the accident on Tuesday night
The mangled remains of the car that was involved in the accident on Tuesday night

It was evident that the impact was forceful due to the amount of debris left on the roadway, including shattered glass, children’s toys and footwear, along with the mangled vehicles which were rendered immovable.

The driver of the packed minibus, who was identified as ‘Gordon’ or ‘Rasta man’, was one of those rushed to the hospital to receive medical attention. A passenger from the back of the bus, who seemingly lost a significant amount of blood due to injuries sustained to the head, was also rushed to the hospital.

The driver of the motor car was identified as a 21-year-old known as ‘Kwesi’.

The minibus involved in the accident (Sultan Haniff photo)
The minibus involved in the accident (Sultan Haniff photo)

Eyewitnesses have related to Inews that both vehicles were speeding on the road, but the driver of the motor car was visibly under the influence of alcohol.

This online publication was also informed that the motor car driver attempted to flee the scene on foot, after the collision, but was quickly apprehended by spectators who had gathered, and handed over to the law enforcement officers.

The injured passengers of the mini-bus and motor car were helped out of the respective vehicles and transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital to receive treatment.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports are that the minibus had crashed three times prior to this occasion. (Ramona Luthi)


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