Best friends die in Berbice accident

The mangled car. [iNews' Photo]
Dead: Haresh Ramsayawack
Dead: Haresh Ramsayawack

[] – Two teenagers lost their lives on Tuesday night (November 03) following a horrific vehicular accident on the #74 village Corentyne Public road.

They have been identified as 19 – year – old Balram Nourang of Lot 22 B and 17 – year – old Haresh Ramsaywack of Lot 241; they are both from #69 Village, Corentyne.

At the time of the accident, they were the only two persons in the car and iNews understands that the vehicle was driven by Nourang, while Ramsaywack was in the front passenger seat.

According to a police report, investigations revealed that motor car PEE 6017 was driving south along the eastern lane at a fast rate when the driver swerved west and lost control of the vehicle.

Dead: Balram Nourang
Dead: Balram Nourang

It was noted that the left front door of the vehicle collided with the concrete base of the #75 Arch located at the western corner of the #74 Public Road. iNews understands that the driver was flung out of the vehicle, while Ramsaywack was pinned inside the car.

iNews understands that both occupants received injuries to their head and bodies. They were rushed to the Skeldon Hospital in an unconscious state and pronounced dead on arrival.

The mangled car. [iNews' Photo]
The mangled car. [iNews’ Photo]
At the scene of the accident, persons could hardly recognise that the mangled structure was actually a car, as it was wrapped around the base of the arch. According to residents, the very car recently won three drag races at the #63 beach.

iNews understands that the young men are best friends and would usually hang out most of the time.



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