Berbice Businessman, wife chopped during robbery; one suspect arrested


Crime[] – A businessman and his wife are nursing chop wounds to their bodies after armed men invaded their No.2 Village, West Coast Berbice home this morning as they were preparing to head to the market.

According to a police report, at about 3:43 hrs on Sunday, August 16, two men armed with a cutlass and a firearm entered the home of vendors Abdool Kadir, 47 years, and his wife Neeranie Kadir, 46 years and held them up. The perpetrators took away an undisclosed sum of money and a quantity of jewellery and escaped.

During the robbery both victims received chops to their bodies. Abdool Kadir was treated at the Fort Wellington Hospital, while Neeranie Kadir has been admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The police responded to the report received and during investigations came under fire from a group of men along the No. 2 Village Public Road and the ranks returned fire. One man has been arrested and is in police custody assisting with the investigations.



  1. Just horrible. This Government is incompetent. They can’t protect the people who put them there. Jattan eyes are too kocked to see that crime has escated under his watch.

  2. Crime not on the rise, so dont worry,this will stop when they start on the police stations and on the police, BULL SHIT,O tolerance is the answer,,,

  3. Most incapable gvt ever in guyana history.It appears they don,t even know where to begin.They only herd of leadership and wanted to be leaders without a clue on how to begin.

  4. This daily gruesome attacks on innocent civilians whether in their homes or going about their legitimate business MUST STOP. It is evident that the security forces cannot deal with the escalating crime and other forms of criminality. Ramjattan and his cohorts in APNU used to criticise Rohee, calling for his immediate resignation on a daily basis and passed a NO CONFIDENCE in parliament, Now that Ramjattan is in the hot seat, it seems as if it is too hot to sit in and so MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. He is an absolute failure as minister of national security whatever that is. Vigilante justice, while is not the way to go, is right now the most appropriate way to deal with the daily attacks as a result of the inability of the police to do anything until such time that the CRIMINALS-ANIMALS- ARE WEEDED OUT OF EVERY VILLAGE, EVERY TOWN. FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. NO MORE EXCUSES

  5. Was the big meeting called by the President a grand performance at a mega stage show? Is this the result? Where is plan to fight crime? Has the first letter / word of the plan been written? Or there is plan to import one from Hong Kong on a turtle’s back?

  6. This is enough this APNU-AFC government can’t handle crimes in Guyana it was bad but now it got worse ,time for Guyanese to stand up for their right, it shows how incapable the new government are


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