What the APNU+AFC and PPP should do now


By The Piper

The PiperWe are approaching the hundred-day mark for the new APNU+AFC administration to meet promises it set during the election campaign and soon after assuming state power. Time moves fast. For its part, the PPP has at least settled their leadership through Jagdeo’s assumption of the Opposition Leader office. The PPP must also keep its promises to the Guyanese people to provide robust and responsible opposition in parliament. In what follows, I identify some key issues where the administration and opposition should focus.

The APNU+AFC must immediately stop all firings; including mass firings until a proper set of protocols have been put in place. These protocols should be arrived at through the efforts of an independent body constituted with the assent of both the APNU+AFC and the PPP. Failing such a move, feelings of discontent will fester and further deepen the angst faced by groups that feel victimized.

The new administration has made some useful statements about public security, not least the announcement regarding assistance from independent, foreign professionals. Whether advice about policing from the USA is a good or bad idea is still a question to be settled. What we do know is that policing in America is noted for heavy-handedness, extreme coercive tactics, militarization which is visible by the equipment carried, and also for widespread discrimination against minorities. African Americans are the most discriminated against population by the police. It might be better to look elsewhere.

Finally for the APNU+AFC, a much clearer strategy for balanced growth and equitable development is needed. The focus should be on the medium-term. After oil revenues start to flow the whole game is likely to change. The budget presented last Monday is rather tame, with not many fresh ideas. The new bridge across the Demerara River is a great idea, but we need to know more about the financial arrangements to fund the construction. What and who are involved?

The PPP also has its work piled up. It is vital that the PPP take seriously the role of the opposition and that this opposition reflects broad interests across party lines. PPP representatives should do detailed analytical work that is data grounded for all the key projects under parliamentary consideration. Bluster will not do the trick. The party may very well find it necessary to devise a competence-based division of labor.

It is well known that since the days of Cheddi Jagan the PPP has always placed foreign affairs on the back burner. It can no longer afford such a position of withdrawal. A vibrant democracy in Guyana is partly dependent on having regular overseas input – with IFIs, the ABC countries, and the Commonwealth and CARICOM countries. Brazil is also an important strategic partner as is China. PPP officials should establish strong working relationships with foreign embassies. It is no good to run to them only at election time when things go wrong.

Finally, the PPP has a poor record of providing information to the Guyanese population. Many important issues are never publicly addressed and allowed to wallow and then die. Backyard analysts then take over. As the parliamentary opposition, the PPP should ensure that it regularly holds press conferences, and that information is provided on a regular and systematic manner.




  1. Maharanee you are 100% correct.

    I give this coalition atlest 2 years in office there after that Guyanese are heading back to the polls.

  2. First I like to tell a story. There was this Director of a certain company who always thought he knew to run things better than the President of the Company. He rose in rank and became President and did not last a year as he made a muck of things.

    What I am saying when you are the other side of the fence, sometimes you think that things should be done differently. You don’t know why the massive firings are happening. The commenters here have the nerve to say the firings are racially motivated. How dare you insult readers. When the PPP were marginalizing the Black people in your country, I guess it was okay to do that in your book. Did you speak up about it. I think NOT. As you were all part of the problem.

    I think Guyana needs a dictatorship – one like North Korea because nothing, nothing seem to make you happy. You count down how long the government has been in power and what progress they have made. The PPP Screwed things up for 23 fricking years, at least give the new government at least 2 years. When you mess stuff up in your own personal life does it take a few days to repair it. NO! Sometimes it never can be repaired and you are lucky if it takes a year. Here you are wanting to judge a government in a few months. Oh, take a seat in a corner and shut up!

  3. OH how the shoe feels when it is on the other foot,it’s not a very good feeling is it,it feels bad,tight,smelly and wet.”what goes around comes right back around”. Karma is indeed a cold Bitch.It amazes me how people have the Gumption to speak of Ethnic cleansing and racism.Everyone who has been sent home or on leave,weather black or Indian,at least the Government provided a reason(weather the reason is good or bad,a lie or the truth is up for debate). When the racist PPP/C was in Power the did what the wanted and no one dared ask why they did it, or either one of two things happened. You never worked again or they found your body somewhere,and not only to black people this happened,but also to indians, anyone who spoke against them.Jagdeo bragged how sharma crawled on his Knees and begged him to give him back the TV license,Jagdeo told Chris Ram to shut up and sit down and to bathe with salt soap.Fired that judge that was going to convict the PM son, all this and more and no one dare speak about it, now everyone wants to talk about what the government who is not a Year old yet is doing,why didn’t you all speak up for the last 23 years.What is wrong for one must be wrong for all,but no you are the ones who are racist. He who sees wrong and does not speak up is just as guilty.Bravery is not the absence of fear but its doing whats right in spite of it. PPP/C WILL NEVER SEE STATE HOUSE AGAIN.

  4. RACIST should be your first name,Mahajackass you were silent for 23 yrs now you cant take what was given out by your PPP/ crabs, when all them negro young and old were shot and left in the street dead what were you saying,when the crime rate headed byDRUG king ROGER KHAN employee of your friend and idol Barrat.STFU instead of blogging shit go help your indo brother kemraj,,do some work ,,,

  5. this guys must be joking,we are even getting angry with the coalition for not firing them fast enough,we need a total sweep across board.this people are undermining the work of governance,they are slowing down the process and most of all the public service need restructuring

  6. ”………….feelings of discontent will fester and further deepen the angst faced by groups that feel victimized”.
    Piper, the feelings of discontent, racial discrimination, ethnic cleansing, racial imbalance in appointments to the various government boards, racial taunts, all have already been experienced. The speed with which the largest section of the population feels alienated, discriminated and reduced to second class citizens was not unexpected as some elements both in the APNU and AFC camps declared publicly before the election what they would do should they win the election.The PPPC warned the nation what would happen and they have all come to pass; vengeance, political spite, the organised vendetta against the PPPC and their supporters.
    Yes, the PPPC does have its work piled up.The possibility of the coalition lasting its full term could very well be short lived as Ramjattan and Moses be exiled into political wilderness. The PPPC must start reaching out to its supporters in a more proactive way using every available avenue

  7. The Cummingsburg Accord is dead, Indians are being fired and replaced with Afro Guyanese all over the public sector, crime is out of control, now there is talk of no confidence motion against Ramjattan, AFC members are resigning or grumbling about non representation, Nagamootoo is seen an a powerless rubber stamp, business sentiments have plummeted.

    The bottom line is the govt appears incompetent and racist.


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