Bandits tie up employees, cart off with millions in Annandale home invasion


Crime[] – Police say that two bandits have managed to escape with $15M and US$85,000 after a home invasion at Courbane Park, Annandale, East Coast Demerara.

According to a release from the police, at about 11:00 hrs on Tuesday, May 19, two men, one of whom was armed with a firearm, entered the premises of a businessman at Courbane Park, Annandale, ECD.

The men tied up a 59-year-ol housekeeper Nandrani Manick, and handyman Ulric Fingall, 20-years-old during which they ransacked the home.

No one has been arrested and Police investigations into the incident are continuing.




  1. ok lets look at the Lethem affair, BORA walk free, guyanapolice loose he before the brazilains take him back, he was the one that the police from Lethem unearth all them gunsin his yard ,up to now the little boy that was doing his yard work is serving jail for him in camp street ,is that fair ,let the guyana police look into that,none drug lord ever claim their stuff the innocent have to suffer for their destructive trade

  2. Crime have to be stop not reduce, people work hard for their money, But when the bandits get that easy money and they can’t open a store or so to help the Government
    build the country.

  3. Normally they shoot and kill their victims, not after election an attack on an indo Guyanese and they tie them up and flee with 15 million G and 85 thousand US. If yall aint smell a rat then then the earth flat. Listen to the PPP propaganda and you will see a correlation of words and events.


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