Bandits rob busload of passengers


By Leroy Smith

Crime scene[] – Two bandits, one armed with a handgun and the other an icepick, held up a busload of passengers and robbed them of every single item of value on Sunday afternoon, May 10.

Police sources told iNews that the route 32 minibus picked up two men at the Vreed – En – Hoop, West Coast Demerara junction; the very two men whipped out their weapons while the bus stopped at the traffic light at Eccles, East Bank Demerara and instructed the driver to drive to the Flour Mill Road, where they robbed the passengers, before escaping into Agricola.

According to the police source, even though the minibus was almost filled to capacity, only one woman reported the incident at the Ruimveldt police station. The robbery took place at approximately 14:00hrs.

This is the second incident of a very serious nature that has occurred in the lead up to election and which has taken the Guyana Police Force by surprise.

On Friday the police were called in to investigate the discovery of an arms cache which was found at a city wharf and for which a young man from Friendship, East Coast Demerara is presently in police custody.

Already there are calls for the police to have a visible presence on the street ahead of Monday’s elections as persons are now becoming very concerned about their safety in the lead up to the polls.



  1. If we assume there were no one under 18 years old in the vehicle, then we can safely conclude that if it had 15 persons who will not go out and vote. If we use studied data, then each of the 15 persons may then influence 10 persons each, so we may very well have 165 persons not voting or hey better yet vote against the PPP/C Ramoutar wasn’t there to prevent this from happening…. the government failed again !!!!

  2. nobody seems to know the laws and rules in the country, if it did happen then it is the driver and conductor responsibility to report the matter to the station.

  3. The police are surprised????LMFAO!!!! Ok ok…let’s give you guys the benefit of the doubt and tell you something. It’s election time in Guyana…remember you went out and vote for CRAPNU the other day? Ok I think you remember now. East Indians are the main targets of anything that happens now. So go out on the streets and at least pretend to be doing something for them. Do hope when things get taken care of without the help of the police force it won’t be a problem for the police or the opposition and their thugs.

  4. Why report it,thank god for ur life ,the police won’t do anything , I call the same station a few days ago because some suspicious looking guys were out side my business place , the police from there never show up and I still waiting ,,,if i was Robb or get shoot , they would have come then …,


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