Gas, kero shortage hits Berbice


Gas[] – There is an apparent shortage of gasoline in the East Berbice Region at Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil) service stations. iNews spoke to a number of car drivers who expressed concern at this issue, noting that the shortage has been slowly taking place over the past two weeks with no solution in sight.

According to reports, the only service station that still has fuel is the Palmyra Guyoil outlet which has seen long lines and many angry, frustrated car drivers. A number of service stations on the Corentyne are also experiencing the shortage.Guyoil

The situation has affected drivers of public transportation who are working the ‘short drop’ route on the Corentyne since they are forced to drive long miles in search of gas to ply their trade.

The lines at the Palmyra gas station continues to grow as drivers from all parts of Berbice come in search of cheaper gas since many cannot afford the Shell gas, which is privately imported.

A Guyoil tanker was seen coming from the Corentyne area; however iNews was told that this was for a privately owned service station in the Upper Corentyne area. A number of service stations have placed their ‘no gas’ signs outside their entities. [Tracey Khan – Drakes]





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