Bandits drive off with vehicles from Auto Sales Company, one still missing


[] –  Up to late Friday afternoon (November 15), proprietor of the Selana Auto Sales, Nazim Khan and his friends were combing several East Coast Demerara villages including Buxton for a missing unregistered dark green Primo Toyota car.

The Primo along with a white Allion, also unregistered were driven away by bandits who invaded the Auto Sales which is located at Lusignan Public Road, East Coast Demerara assaulted a male sales clerk before driving the vehicle out of the compound.

Speaking with iNews on Friday evening, the businessman’s wife Rabeena Khan said that they were at home a few corners from where the Auto Sales is located when they received a call that bandits had driven off with two of the vehicles.

The woman said that based on information they received from the sales clerk, the two male bandits visited the business earlier in the morning and acted as normal customers and promised to return later in the day with a female to check on the Allion motor car.

The duo kept their promise of returning but they did so without the woman and as they entered the yard of the company, the sales clerk greeted them and brought down a box containing the keys for all the vehicles as is customary when customers come to check on vehicles.

As they browsed the vehicles, the men requested to see the repossessed vehicles which are at the back of the compound and it was there that the pounced on the young man rendering him helpless.

As the cars drove out, persons in the area became suspicious and alerted the owners.

A search was launched and one of the vehicles was recovered on the railway embankment. The woman said that she is of the view that the vehicle was left there because the battery was weak.

She also expressed the view that the other vehicle must be close by since it did not have enough gas.



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