Toddler perishes after falling through house floor


Baby boy[]Up to the time of this publication, the police at the Vigilance Police Station still had in their custody Shellon Adams and Mackeshia as they were being questioned in relation to the death of little Sean Junior Robinson. The two are the grandmother and mother of the dead child, respectively.

The two – year – old died after falling through a hole in a room of his grandparents’ lot 82 Sideline Dam Buxton, East Coast Demerara home which is under renovations.

The child’s mother was not home at the time of the incident. iNews was informed that the baby would usually be taken to the home on a daily basis to stay with his grandparents and return to his mother’s house in the afternoon.

His grandfather, Linden Adams explained to this online news service that he was outside the home putting on a few boards when he heard a strange sound from his grandson. Upon investigating, he realised the child fell through the flooring.

He explained that the child was sleeping on a bed and was awoken by the noise of the knocking and might have entered the unoccupied room to see who or what it was when he fell to his death.

The grieving man said that after picking up his grandson, he realised that he was still alive while another relative performed CPR, however the child died sometime between the time he was being rushed to the hospital and when doctors were getting ready to attend to him.FLoor

It is suspected that he might have either suffered a broken neck, back or stomach injury. He was discovered lying face down in the yard.



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