Armed bandits rob Poultry business at Leonora


A Leonora Poultry business was robbed, yesterday, of almost $1M in cash and valuables after three bandits stormed their premises under the pretence of being customers. 

According to reports, the owner of the business located at lot 205 Leonora, Parafield, West Coast Demerara, Abdul Razack was home with his wife Rahama Razack, his son Abdool Razack and a family friend, Toolaram Rohit at the time of the incident.
Rohit, who spoke to INews recalled that at approximately 17:30hrs this afternoon, he was sitting in the lower flat of the home, when he noticed a well dressed individual of African descent calling at the shop. The man reportedly inquired about the cost for 50lbs of chicken. The owner responded, and told him to enter the yard so he could pay.
However, when the man entered the yard he was holding a gun and was accompanied by two masked individuals, also holding guns.
Rohit relayed that one of the men held a gun to his head, while another instructed him along with the owner of the house to go back inside.
The two other family members were ordered to lie on the floor, and the gunmen began to demand cash and valuables. Rahama Razack reportedly turned over all the jewelry she was wearing, while her husband hesitated. As such, one of the men became enraged and gun-butted him to the head.
Abdool Razack then began to plead with the bandits, and complied with their wishes by turning over all the cash, and other items valued over $900,000.
Rohit was also relieved of $10,000 in cash, his Identification Card, his Scotia and GBTI Bank cards, his mobile phone and car keys.
INews understands that the ordeal lasted some five minutes, after which the bandits fled in a waiting motorcar, PSS 7126.
The police were contacted, but according to Rohit, they only took statements and did not thoroughly inspect the crime scene.
An investigation has been launched. (Ramona Luthi) 



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