PPP’s 47th Republic Anniversary message


The Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP) extends greetings and best wishes to all Guyanese on our 47th  Republic anniversary.

It is common knowledge that the People’s Progressive Party was the main architect of the struggle to free our nation and its people from colonial rule and servitude.

The dream then was to build a free, united and democratic society governed by the rule of law under a system which guarantees equal opportunity, so that all of our people can realise their full potential and aspirations.

That dream was short lived. We moved to independence as a fractured society. By the time we attained republican status, we were already drifting into political dictatorship.

The 1968 elections were already rigged. The 1970 Constitution was born in suspicion. The Privy Council was abolished as our final court and the process had begun to emasculate the judiciary. Discrimination had become rampant and we were quickly moving into the direction of party paramountcy.

Forty-seven years later, there is an abundance of evidence which would establish that we are in a strikingly similar position, poised once again to travel the road to political dictatorship.

The political, economic and social gains made during the period that the PPP was in government (1992-2015) are rapidly being reversed.

The sugar, rice, forestry, mining, construction and other productive sectors are either under-preforming or in chaos.

After more than three hundred (300) years Sugar is on the brink of closure. Thousands of workers have lost their jobs. No new investments are on the horizon. The economy is shrinking. The US dollar is at it highest. While at the same time, our people are being taxed to the hilt.

Politically, authoritarianism is on the rise. Independent Constitutional institutions and office holders are undermined. The judiciary is being attacked and badly needed appointments of judges are not being made.

There is political censorship and a lack of freedom of speech in our Parliament. Constitutional violations are committed with impunity.

The appointment of the Chairman of Gecom has been reduced to a game of political football. Discrimination by and corruption in Government have become institutionalized.

Therefore, as we celebrate this significant national event, it is important that we take stock of, from where we have come and where we are, so that we can be focused on the direction in which we would like to move forward. The choice is becoming clearer: we either sit idly as passengers along the highway to political dictatorship or, we can stand firm in resistance against those who are threatening our democracy, our freedoms and our social and economic well-being.

As we have always done, the PPP will continue that relentless struggle to improve the lives of our people and to create a better and unified Guyana for all.

Happy 47th Republic Anniversary.

People’s Progressive Party



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