US National busted with 937 grams of cocaine at CJIA


cocaine[] – An American woman was on Monday April 20 busted at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) with 937 grams of cocaine. 

According to a police release, ranks of the Police Narcotics Branch at the CJIA arrested the outgoing American citizen after 937 grams of cocaine were found in her suitcase.

 Police say the woman is in custody assisting with the investigations.



  1. y they keep doing it??? its because more pass than those caught..most of these people have their airport connections..they dont act alone…they know the will get 4 years jail and a fine and thats the end to one ever bothers to take the time to find the “connections” no one can haul drugs on this massive scale with out “connections” to local and foreigh airports..they have their connections in guyana and UK US Canada airport …the pnc people and their bloggers will have u belive that a b c countries are saints in this..awww chu man dem all guilty as sin..dem know who to ketch and who to let go ..dem got to make it look like dem doing something


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